February 1, 2021

February 2nd Watchlist

EH: Soared today, rebounding from last weeks pullback, taking off from the start of the day, and holding its gains heading into close. Would like to see a continuation back to 100.00 take place in the near future

HL: Continued the uptrend it had to close out last week, Spiking to nearly 8.50 early in the day, setting a new 52 week high, before pulling back. Expecting its run to continue

PPSI: Steadily climbed throughout the day, ending with a strong close, surpassing 8.00. On watch for its rebound to continue back to 9.50 in the coming days

TIGR: Had a strong rebound today after declining for a week. Has gained more than 300% over the past 3m, expecting it to retest 20.00 before Midweek

CDEV: Continued its long term run today, bringing its past month gains to 80% and past 3m gains to 335%, with a great chart and good volume over that time. Approaching 3.00, expecting it to surpass that mark shortly

AMPE: Had a big climb today, ending its large pullback that it’s suffered recently. Showing signs of a cup and handle pattern forming, on watch for it to continue back over 2.00 and return to it’s 2.75 prepullback price

ATOM: Climbed well today, as it approaches its 35.00 resistance that rejected it previously. Needs a surge of volume to carry it to and over that price, on the radar

ZDGE: A very low volume stock that continues performing very well under the radar, adding 141% today and nearly 400% over the past month, with a steady climb over that time. Has long term momentum, expecting 10.00 in the upcoming days

UUUU: Nearly tested its 4.50 resistance today with its strong rebound. Needs a large amount of volume to finally surpass that resistance point and continue north

TRXC: Has been a massive performer in recent weeks, gaining more than 400% over the past month. Had a strong pullback late last week, would like to see today’s climb continue its recovery

STKL: A great long term stock that’s had a consistent climb over the past year, gaining nearly 500% over that time with a beautiful chart over that time. Has excellent momentum, expecting 17.50+ in the coming days

USIO: A lower volume stock that’s added nearly 200% over the past 3m with a jagged chart over that time. Currently running, its chart shows another plateau will take place before 5.00 is reached

BCRX: Had an excellent day, steadily climbing throughout the day, setting a new 52 week high, putting up many times its average volume. Up more than 200% over the past 3m, looking for a continuation north

RVP: An excellent long term stock that’s doubled in share value over the past month and nearly 1250% over the past year. Currently at its 52 week high, would like to see 25.00 this week

INO: Soared today, steadily climbing throughout the day and into after hours, with massive volume. Up 84% over the past week, on the radar, for it to continue to 20.00 by EOW

VXRT: Soared today as keyboard members resign, closing strong. Up 70% over the past week, and 172% over the past month. Expecting a continuation to take place

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