February 2, 2021

February 3rd Watchlist

KOPN: Ran throughout the day, going as far as to briefly climb over 7.00 at one point, setting a new 52 week high, before a minor pullback. Has accumulated more than 175% over the past month, expecting it to continue north

TIGR: Maintained its recent uptrend that’s added 135% over the past month and 343% over the past 3m. Climbed and held over 20.00 today, would like to see it build on today’s move

RESN: Had a solid gain today, briefly testing 7.00 before its pullback. Has been a large gainer in recent weeks, has the potential to retest and surpass 7.00 in the upcoming days

OSS: Performed decently today, spiking early morning and setting a new 52 week high, before fizzling out, although held over 5.00 to close the day out. Put up roughly 25x its average volume, on the radar for a second run to take place

BNGO: Had a large run today, potentially restarting the previous massive run that saw it gain more than 2000% over the past 3m with a massive surge over that time. Looking for it to push higher

IZEA: Had a decent climb today, which continued somewhat into after-hours. Had a great climb in recent months before a large pullback, potential for today’s climb to be the start of a recovery.

USIO: Had a strong second half of the day, setting a new 52 week high and bringing its past week gains to nearly 45%. Approaching 5.00, would like to see its momentum carry it past that price

MARA: Surged today, as it bounces back from its recent pullback. Has been a massive gainer over the past year, set up well to attempt to restart that Uptrend if it can surpass 26.50 in the near future

CDEV: Climbed today as it reached 3.00, bringing its past month gains to 80% and past 3m to 335%, with a strong chart. Has the momentum to push it past this price and climb north to a new 52 week high

SLS: Has a strong climb late in the trading session before exploding in after-hours, leading all gainers on speculation of big cancer news to be released tomorrow. Watching closely

CPSH: Shook off the red day to have an excellent after-hours with a steady climb throughout after receiving a purchase order for its Aircraft Carrier Panels. Watching for a second run to take place early morning

VXRT: Had another big run today with a consistent climb, continuing the recent uptrend that’s caused it to gain nearly 150% over the past week and more than 300% over the past 2 weeks. Briefly tested 25.00 today, looking for it to surpass that in the near future

TLRY: Consistently climbed throughout the day with a great chart and a strong close. Up more than 180% over the past week and currently at its 52 week high. Expecting it to surpass 25.00+ this week

GMDA: Had a steady Uptrend throughout the day and into close, stopping short of returning to 10.00. Would like to see that mark reached tomorrow

HOL: Took off midday, and continued into close and after-hours, with massive volume compared to its average. Surpassed 17.50 in AH, on the radar for 20.00 shortly

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