February 3, 2021

February 4th Watchlist

OTLK: Had a big surge throughout the day with massive volume compared to its average, bringing its gains since the start of Feb. to over 50%. Looking for a surge over 1.60 for its run to continue

ICON: Surged during the first half of the day, peaking over 3.00 before slightly pulling back heading into close. Up more than 70% over the past week, would like to see its momentum carry it over 3.00 and beyond

USIO: A low volume stock that’s been having a great under the radar run in recent months with a great chart, gaining 85% over the past week and nearly 300% over the past 3m, repeatedly setting new 52 week highs. Expecting a continuation over 6.00

CLNE: Had a steady climb today with a strong close, setting a new 52 week high and continuing its long term climb, bringing its past 3m gains to more than 420%. Has the potential to continue north, would like to see 15.00

SUNW: Performed well today, rebounding from its recent pullback and climbing back over 20.00. Needs to maintain its volume in order to continue its rebound back to 25.00+ in the short term

AMRS: Consistently surged throughout the day and held its gains into close, stopping short of surpassing 12.00. Up 350% over the past 3m, and currently a few cents away from its 52 week high, looking for 12.00 to be surpassed

MARK: Had a strong run today, continuing the Uptrend that’s caused it to more than double over the past month and gain nearly 275% over the past 3m. Currently at its 52 week high, looking for its 4.00 wall to come down

POLA: Today’s run halted a strong pullback that it’s had in recent days, bringing it back over 20.00. Watching for today’s move to begin a recovery back to its 30.00 prefall price, has gained nearly 700% over the past 3m.

TIGR: Had another big run today, setting another new 52 week high and bringing its past month gains to nearly 200%, and 439% over the past 3m. Has excellent momentum and volume, would like to see 30.00 in the upcoming days

OEG: Performed well today, recovering from a late January pullback. On the radar to continue back over 10.00 in the near future

SM: Finished its minor cup and handle pattern, bringing it back over 10.00 and a few cents short of its current 52 week high. Needs volume to push it past that mark and continue north. Currently up nearly 500% over the past 3m

SEEL: Had a decent climb today, as it reapproaches 3.00. Currently up nearly 250% over the past 3m. Watching for its recent large volume to carry it over 3.00 and to a new 52 week high.

GEVO: Had a great day, rebounding from its recent pullback, and setting up to continue back to its 14.50 52 week high set recently. Up more than 1100% over the past 3m, looking for that Uptrend to continue

AVXL: Had a large run today, performing well throughout the day and closing over 10.00, before having an even large climb in after-hours, all on favorable data from Cassava Sciences in Alzheimer’s. Watching for a continuation tomorrow

ANVS: A low volume stock that’s had a massive run over the past week, gaining over 130% during that time. Performed very well in after-hours today, putting up big gains, watching for its under the radar climb to continue

CPSH: Yesterday’s Large purchase news continued to drive the stock to lead all gainers today, running hard even in after-hours. Has a ton of momentum and eyes on the stock, watching for yet another big run tomorrow
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