February 4, 2021

February 5th Watchlist

OTLK: Continued its excellent climb, surpassing 2.00 in afterhours after performing well throughout the day. Up 66% over the past week, looking for it to continue north

IDEX: Maintained its uptrend today, pushing north throughout the day and closing strong. Has accumulated more than 160% over the past month with a great chart over that time, on the radar for 6.00

KOPN: Had another strong day today, its momentum carrying it to 50% gained over the past week and more than 200% over the past month. At its 52 week high, 8.00+ pt in place

TIGR: Had another big day today, steadily climbing throughout and bringing its past week gains to 66% and past month to 240%. Expecting 30.00+ early next week

PRTY: Rebounded nicely today, bringing it back to its 8.00 resistance that rejected it several weeks ago. If it can get enough volume to surge over that price, expecting the momentum that’s carried the stock to 268%over the past 3m, to bring the stock to 10.00

AMPE: Had a large pullback recently after experiencing a large spike that caused it to more then triple in a few weeks. Today’s climb brings it back to 2.00, showing signs of a full reversal taking place, watching closely

XXII: Performed well today, climbing over 3.00, bringing it to its previous 52 week high and its 3m gains to 336%, looking for it to build on it’s momentum

SB: Had a minor gain today, but has maintained it’s surge recently, gaining nearly 70% over the past month and 147% over the past 3m, despite it’s low volume.

LIZI: Has had a ridiculous stretch of gains, putting up more than 400% over the past week, including its massive climb today, Has shown no signs of slowly down, expecting 20.00

ATOS: A large gainer that’s performed very well recently, doubling over the past week and gaining more than 350% over the past month. Has great momentum and massive volume. On the radar to reach 5.00 again

CMCM: Continues its recent surge, currently up nearly 90% over the past week. Would like its momentum to carry it over 4.00
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