February 7, 2021

February 8th Watchlist

REI: Performed very well last week, gaining near-daily, adding more than 60%, and bringing its past 3m gains to nearly 250% with great volume. Has great momentum, expecting 2.00 in the near future

ZOM: Finished the week out on a high note, doubling in share value last week and bringing its past month gains to a massive 445%, leaving the penny stock status long behind. Testing 2.00, expecting it to fly past that and continue to run due to its excellent volume

MBII: Had a great week, gaining 65% and setting a new 52 week high near daily. Put up 5x its average volume on Friday, looking for another surge to push it towards 3.00

QD: Performed very well throughout last week including a solid gain on Friday causing it to go over 3.00. Has more than doubled over the past month, would like for it’s momentum to carry it higher

SB: A great long-term gainer that’s consistently uptrended, adding 36% last week, 75% over the past month, and more than 170% over the past 3m. Continues to set new 52 week highs, expecting 3.00 in the upcoming days

TTI: Has maintained a great climb over the past 3m, gaining more thane 300% including 57% last week. Has continued to distance itself from penny stock status, 2.50+ pt in place

CDEV: A long term gainer that’s maintained a beautiful chart over the past 3m, gaining a massive 426% over the past 3m, including 43% over the past week. Expecting a long term continuation, 4.00+ expected this week

SEEL: Had another big week, consistently climbing throughout and finishing the week out on a high note. Has gained 130% over the past month and 322% over the past 3m. At its 52 week high, expecting 4.50+ this week

MARK: Has performed extremely well in recent months, amassing nearly 40% over the past week, 132% over the past month, and 289% over the past 3m. 5.50+ pt in place this week

KOPN: A long-term runner that’s taken off in recent weeks, gaining 50% last week and more than 220% over the past month’s time. Has gained more than 1700% over the past year. Expecting 8.75+

USIO: A lower volume stock that’s been an excellent performer recently, gaining 323% over the past 3m including adding 76% last week with a consistent Uptrend over that time.

ORGO: Has a beautiful chart over the past 3m, gaining 250% over that time with a very consistent Uptrend over that time. Sets a new 52 week high near-daily, looking for 15.00+ this week

NMCI: A stock that has been money for multiple months, including 250% over the past 3m. Has a predictable chart, 7.50+ pt in place

HIMX: Had a decent week including a strong Friday, bringing its past month gains to 75% and past 3m gains to 250%. Has excellent momentum and a great chart, 15.00 pt this week, potentially higher

MVIS: Had a great week, consistently climbing and adding to its more than 500% accumulated over the past 3m, including erasing a large pullback that took place a month ago. Briefly tested 12.50 on Friday, expecting it to surpass that by midweek

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