February 8, 2021

February 9th Watchlist

OTLK: Maintained last weeks run, having a big day, and bringing it’s past week gains to 220%. Continues to fly, expecting 4.00 by midweek

AEZS: Had a monster run today, gaining more than 200% on expectations of upcoming news. Has amassed a ridiculous 500% over the past month with most of that coming in the past 2 weeks, looking for a continuation this week

MARA: Consistently pushed north throughout the day, including continuing in after-hours, as it set a new 52 week high and maintained a run that’s seen it gain more than 1200% over the past 3m. 40.00 pt in place

ZOM: Has been one of the best performers in recent weeks, flying again today, bringing its past week gains to 130% and nearly 4000% over the past 3m, as its insane run continues. 3.00+ pt in place

REI: Spiked hard early morning, setting another new 52 week high, before pulling back midday. Had another run heading into close. Would like to see it continue north again throughout this week

RIOT: Has fully rebounded from its recent pullback, completing its cup and handle pattern and pushing to a new 52 week high. Has a ton of momentum, it will continue riding bitcoins run

CLNE: Ran hard today, steadily climbing and finishing the day on a high note, holding its gains. Has amassed 70% over the past week and more than 600% over the past 3m, expecting 20.00 by midweek

MOGO: Had another big run today, continuing the excellent surge that’s caused it to nearly double in share value over the past weeks time. Up nearly 300% over the past 3m, would like to see 9.50+ in the coming days

MVIS: Maintained its consistent climb that’s caused it to accumulate nearly 700% over the past 3m, including 95% over the past weeks time with a great chart over that time. Tested 15.00 today, expecting another climb over that mark

NOVN: Rose throughout the day, and continued in after-hours, closing just shy of surpassing 2.00. Has put up more than 275% over the past 3m, including 64% over the past weeks time. Would like to see a surge of volume push it past that resistance point

HIMX: A great stock that’s had a strong uptrend, including gaining more than 90% over the past month and nearly 300% over the past 3m. Tested 15.00 today, expecting it to surpass that mark and continue north

TRXC: Restarted its phenomenal run today, which’s seen it gain 1000% over the past 3m, with most of that coming in the past 6 weeks. Set yet another new 52 week high, looking for 5.00 in the near future

ATOM: Had yet another strong climb today, continuing a long term run that’s added more than 400% over the past 3m. Fast approaching 50.00, expecting that to be reached in the near future

XONE: Has been a fantastic stock recently, with today’s big run bringing it to more than 80% gained over the past week and to 338% over the past months’ time. Has excellent momentum and shows no signs of slowing, 65.00 pt in place
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