February 3, 2020

February Swings and Uptrending Stocks


ELA(+61% past Month): Has performed very well recently, sporting a consistent chart. Surpassed 2.00, watching for it to continue north

MLSS(+332% past Year): A monster gainer over the past year, taking off in the second half of last year. Approaching 2.00, expecting that mark to be reached this week, the stock looks to have a bright future


SNGX(+200% past 3m): Has been a monsterous gainer in the last 3 months, surging with a incrediblely steady climb. Resistance at 3.00, watching for it to reach and break that mark shortly

TRIL(+1300% past 3m): One of the largest gainers on the stock market recently, after a series of excellent news caused a enormous uptrend. Recently declining after hitting it’s resistance, watching for a rebound


OESX(+452% past year): Has had a beautiful uptrend in over the past 12 months. A relatively low volume stock despite it’s successful climb, needs to surpass 5.00 to continue it’s run


APTO(+239% past 3m): Has been a solid uptrend since the beginning of December. Needs a boost of news to continue it’s run, watching the news cycle to send this stock higher

IDN(+239% past year): An excellent swing stock over the last 12 months, with a jagged chart that has steadily climbed north. Hit 10.00 before falling, looking for a rebound to retest 10.00 again


SBGL(+213% past year): Has a beautiful Year chart, allowing it to slightly surpass 10.00. Has the ability to push higher in the near future, watching

PCG(+147% past 3m): A large stock with a big recovery underway after a series of bad decisions by PCG. Expecting the stock to slowly recovery back to 18-19 in the future

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