February 3, 2019

February Swings\Uptrending Stocks

LIQT(+396% past year): Decently consistent uptrend this year, currently near its 52 week high of 2.17, expecting it to reach and break it shortly

BIOL,CRMD: Stocks setting up well for a potential swing

REFR(+187% past year): Explosive growth over the last 6 months. Potential to climb past 3.00, vigilantly watching

TEUM(+40% past month): Large potential stock that has yet to live up to its hype. Approaching its long term resistance again, watch past 3.10
BKEP,CVEO,IPAS,NETS: Stocks set up well for a potential swing

PYDS(+68% past month): Large uptrend in recent weeks took place, negotiating with its 3.00 wall, if broken, 3.50 pt. in place

VHI(+72% past month): Signs of a reversal beginning, strength to erase pullbacks very easily. Watching over 3.52 for it to continue

CKPT,SILV: Stocks set up for continued uptrends

BDSI(+98% past year): Roughly up 200% from the beginning of may of last year. Signs that the strong reversal will continue, expecting the uptrend to continue past 5.00

CRNT(+121% past year): Choppy chart with clear strength to erase pullbacks, a perfect swing stock. Near its 52 week high of 4.95

MCHX(+35% Past month): Beginnings of a reversal underway after receiving a large pt. upgrade by Roth capital to 7.00. Plenty of room left to climb

AKTS(+82% past 3m): Jagged chart with a generally uptrending direction, 9.25 pt in place.

ENPH(+223% past year): Continues recovering from a large pullback, 7.60 is its 52 week high and its fast approaching that mark. Watching over that

GLUU(+162% past year): Strong company and strong chart, setting a new 52 week high this Friday. Fully expecting this climb to surpass 10+

HROW(+242% past year): Steady surge over the past year, as it reverses from a long term decline. Expecting it to reach its 52 week high of 6.75 shortly

QTNT(+227% past year): Very nice chart, including 55% gained in the past month. Needs to climb over 10 to continue its impressive climb.

TIK(+120% past 3m): Very low volume stock that has quietly been flying in recent months. Fully expecting the uptrend to continue.

XBIT(+69% past 3m): Has had an explosive reversal immediately following a large drop it suffered. Currently, at its 52 week high, expect it to continue its recovery

CERC, ICAD, ICLK, NTEC, YRCW: Stocks on watch for potential swing setups

QTT(+70% past month): New stock that’s erased its initial pullback to begin its strong climb, expecting it to climb further.

AMSC(+159% past year): Superb company and stock, that had a great reversal the last year and a half. Fully expecting this to be a $20 stock by midyear

OSIR(+117% past year): Steady, yet jagged chart, perfect for swing trading. 17.25 pt in place, expecting it to continue past that.

EBR(+410% past 5 years): A company that continues growing and benefiting its investors. Since the beginning of 2016, the stock has gained over 800%. Recently passed 10, expecting this to be a long term hold to 20.

PDEX(+386% past 5 years): Long term hold, very strong chart and high potential for this great company.

GOL: Interesting set up for a potential Swing in the very near future
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