January 11, 2021

Jan 12th Watchlist

SGBX: Consistently climbed today, climbing over 7.00 briefly before pulling back. Has doubled in share value over the past month, looking for another attempt to reach and surpass 7.00

GEVO: Put up a solid run with strong volume today, bringing it’s past month gains to nearly 200%. Reached 5.00 today, if it has another big day of volume, expect it to continue north

IZEA: Put up a modest gain today, continuing it’s recent run that’s added nearly 40% over the past weeks time and 187% over the past month. Surging, a 3.00 pt is in place

NMCI: A very consistent stock over the past 3m, gaining nearly 250% over that time with a beautiful chart. Continued that climb today, approaching 5.00, expecting it to reach and surpass that mark shortly

TTOO: Soared in afterhours after the company announces their Panel proves effective amid global rise in virus variants. Expecting a potential continuation to its run tomorrow from this news, watching

USWS: Nearly doubled in afterhours after announcing its finalized extension of Electric Frac Contract. Its run brought it to 1.00, if it can hold at this mark at open, expecting it to continue past that price point

ZOM: Gained nearly 90% today, continuing its insane surge thats put up nearly 500% over the past month and nearly 1000%. Put up over i bil shares traded today, a insane amount, expect its surge to continue for multiple days.

AVGR: Put up another big day, more then doubling in share value and putting up nearly 400% over the past month. Expecting a continued surge, has a ton of momentum. 2.00 pt in place

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