January 10, 2020

January 10th Watchlist

LJPC: Climbed steadily yesterday, closing decently. Needs to hold over 5.00 at the beginning of the market day to continue north

NLS: Up over 50% over the past week time, and more then doubled in share value over the past 3 months. Expecting a continuation to 3.00 shortly, watching for it to break past that

PAVM: Up 60% over the past month on a decent chart. Set a new 52 week high yesterday, watching for a continuation to that trend

ZYXI: Has performed well over the past year, surged over 10.00 for a short time before falling back below that mark. Watching for another attempt to surpass that mark

EDNT: Up 63% over the past month. An extremely low volumes stock, expecting it’s quiet uptrend to continue under the radar.

AGTC, TRIL, GENE: Stocks on watch for Continuations

TUFN, CANF, BBBY: Rebound Candidates

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