January 15, 2021

January 15th Watchlist

IZEA: Had a great day today as it continues it’s recent Uptrend, bringing it’s past week gains to 70% and past month gains to 275% with a great chart over that time. Has momentum, expecting a continued climb

MARA: Had a strong rebound today as it continues negotiating that 26.50 wall, reached several times over the past week. On the radar for it to test that price again in the near future.

RIOT: It’s had a great recovery from it’s pullback earlier in the week and is currently surging as it maintains it’s climb that’s seen it put up more then 230% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, looking for 30.00+ in the near future

NMCI: An extremely consistent stock that’s steadily accumulated 75% over the past month and more then 300% over the past 3m, with a beautiful chart over that time. Sets a new 52 week high near daily, expecting 6.00+

AMRS: Performed well yet again today, clumbing over 10.00 and setting another new year high. Has climbed 200% over the past month consistently, would like to see it continue pushing north long term

LXRX: Doubled in share value today on massive volume after CITI raised its pt by a large amount. Spiked to nearly 9.50 before pulling back, looking for it to return to that price shortly

CPSH: Had yet another steady climb throughout today, continuing its run thats had it gain more then 250% over the past weeks time. Testing 11.00 currently, expecting a continued surge

ZOM: Surpassed 1.00 again today, rebounding some from its large recent pullback. Has a ton of momentum, on the radar to reach 1.50 in the near future

GME: A long term stock thats had a fantastic rally in recent months, gaining 200% over the past month and nearly 650% over the past year, with heavy volume. Expecting a continued Uptrend next week

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