January 16, 2020

January 16th Watchlist

CETX: Has gained nearly 150% over the past week, including 54% yesterday. Soaring in PM, looking for it to climb and hold over 3.00

PECK: Up over 150% since January 8th of this year, has been a monster gainer. Recently. Needs to surpass it’s long term resistance of 7.00 for a potential climb to 10.00 in the upcoming weeks

OGI: Has had a very solid week, gaining 60% over that time. Surpassed 3.00 yesterday, needs to hold over that mark to continue north

RMED: Has gained 156% over the past month, halting it’s long term downtrend and showing signs of a reversal. Surpassed 2.00 yesterday, needs to hold above or at that mark this morning in order to continue it’s climb

MNK: Has held a consistent uptrend over the past few days, breaking out from long term stagnation. Performing well in PM, looking for a climb past 5.00

RBZ, FLNT, RMTI: Gainers on watch for continuations

NKTR,PACD, INPX: Rebound Candidates
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