January 19, 2021

January 20th Watchlist

GEVO: Had a big run today after co founder named to the new president’s council of advisors, which drove the price over 10.00. Watching this week for the stock to continue north after the inaguration and beyond

RESN: Continued it’s recent uptrend today which has seen it add 174% over the past month, with a near daily climb over that time. Has great momentum, would like to see 7.00 before EOW

ACRS: Had a monsterous climb early morning, going as far as to test 20.00, after positive data on arthrits. Had big volume today, on watch for a secondary run to take place to push it over 20.00

IZEA: Has a beautiful chart over the past months time, adding nearly 350% over that time consistently. Set a new 52 week high after todays big run, watching for it to test 5.00 in the near future

AQMS: Had multiple runs today, with it’s final one testing 5.00, a mark that it settled at in afterhours. Had great volume, looking for another surge to push it past it’s resistance and to continue it’s climb

ATOM: Performed very well today, peaking midday and holding most of it’s gains heading into close. Has a 35.00 wall in the way, looking for a surge of volume to push it past that and continue adding to its 178% gained over the past month

FLL: Consistently climbed today on solid volume. 5.00 in sight, would like to see that reached and surpassed tomorrow

ENG: Had a strong second half of the day, running hard into close and surpassing 8.00 in afterhour. Has accumulated more then 350% over the past month, looking for 8.80+ in the near future

SOL: Performed decently today as it retests it’s 25.00 wall which has held it down recently. Has gained more then 200% over the past month and 550% over the past 3m, looking for it to surpass it’s resistance and continue north.

SGBX: Had a solid day, climbing 10% and continuing it’s long term climb which has seen it add more then 200% over the past 3m. Has momentum and a beautiful chart, looking for a continuation to 10.00 long term.

GRTS: Had a fantastic day, running hard heading into close on massive volume, compared to their average. On the radar for a FOMO climb to take place early morning

INUV: Performed excellently, more then doubling in share value and continuing it’s run throughout afterhours. Has climbed out of penny stock territory, looking for it to test 2.00 tomorrow

SENS: Soared on coverage nod from emblemhealth for eversense. Surpassed 3.00 in afterhours, would like to see it hold over that mark and continue north this week

COCP: Had a consistent run today that continued into afterhours. Has momentum and volume on it’s side, would like to see it’s uptrend continue this week

WWR: Took off midday and ran until close, running into a 7.00 wall. Had big volume, on the radar for a secondary run to take place

CIDM: Ran hard today, steadily uptrending, surpassing 1.00 and closing strong, after announcing it’s acquired Fanfor and plans to relaunch the service. On watch for the news to continue driving the price north

EH: Had a very strong second half of the market day, running hard heading into close. Has more then doubled in share value over the past weeks time, and gained more then 200% over the past month, looking for it to push higher.

TRXC: Set another new 52 week high after recieving CE mark approval, pushing the stock to 122% gained over the last week and more then 530% over the past month. Has incredible momentum, looking for 4.00+ in the near future
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