January 24, 2021

January 25th Watchlist

OPTT: Had a great week, steadily climbing throughout, to finish with more than 80%, including a large run on Friday with big volume. Currently at its 52 week high, expecting 6.00+ early this week

RESN: Has gained more than 170% over the past month the with a great chart over that time. Would like to see it’s climb continue over 7.00 in the near future

KOPN: Had a consistent surge last week, finishing up over 40% and bringing it’s past 3m gains to 229% with a relatively consistent climb. Set a new 52 week high, expecting it to continue to 5.00 this week

OEG: Restarted its previous run on Friday, surging to 5.00 and setting a new 52 week high. Has gained more than 275% over the past month, would like to see it continue building on its long term uptrend

POLA: Performed excellent last week, gaining more than 150%, including a strong run on Friday. Has put up nearly 800% over the past 3m and has great momentum, expecting a big continuation this week

BNGO: Has had a ridiculous run over the past month, gaining more than 1600% over that time. Surpassed 10.00 in after-hours on Friday, would like to see it build on its excellent gains this week, 15.00pt in place

CCIV: Closed out last week on a high note, steadily climbing throughout Friday, and setting a new 52 week high on large volume. Has gained more than 120% over the past month, on the radar for 25.00+ in the near future

NDRA: Had an excellent week, accumulating nearly 150% and setting a near-daily new 52 week high. Briefly touched 3.00 midweek, expecting another climb to that price

EH: Has a great week, climbing more than 70% and repeatedly reaching new 52 week highs. Briefly climbed over 80.00. Has great momentum, expecting it to continue north this week

CSU: A very low volume stock that quietly gained more than 50% last week and has nearly doubled in share value over the past month’s time. Pushing higher nearly every week, expecting 30.00 this week, will reevaluate if it surpasses that mark

BB: Closed out the week strong, finishing up 64% with massive volume and setting a new 52 week high. Reached 15.00 in after-hours, expecting it to surge over that mark and continue towards 20.00.

XONE: Ran 50% last week, finishing the week setting another new 52 weeks high. Has plenty of momentum and decent volume, would like to see it surpass 25.00 early this week

IZEA: Has a beautiful long term chart, which has seen it add nearly 50% last week, 235% over the past month, and nearly 450% over the past 3m. 5.00 insight, looking for 5.75+

KIRK: Added a strong 36% last week, as it resumes a long-term uptrend that’s gained more than 1600% over the past year with an excellent chart. Shows no signs of slowing, expecting 30.00+ shortly

OCX: Added more than 50% last week, bringing its past 3m gain to 200%, with a consistent climb over that time. Surpassed 5.00 on Fridays after-hours, expecting it to continue north

SOL: An excellent long term gainer that has a beautiful chart, gaining more than 250% over the past month and more than 800% over the past 3m. Continues to reach and surpass pts, potential to reach 40.00 this week

PEI, AQMS: Has both put up large climbs recently but show signs of slowing. Both need to maintain large volume to continue their climbs
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