January 26, 2021

January 26th Watchlist

OEG: Continued it’s superb long term run, briefly surpassing 10.00 and setting a new 52 week high. Has amassed nearly 550% over the past month, looking for another attempt to hold over 10.00

AQMS: Maintains its massive run that it’s had since mid-December, gaining more than 600% since then. Set a new 52 week high and has plenty of momentum, expecting a continuation

ENG: Climbed well early morning, setting a new 52 week high, breaking past the 8.00 wall that had held it down recently. On watch for it to continue north

UUUU: Had a modest uptrend today as it retested it’s 4.50 wall that it’s negotiated since late December. Continuing to watch for a surge of volume to finally push it over that mark

EH: Tested 100.00 for the second straight day before pulling back. Expecting another climb to that price to take place in the near future, up nearly 1000% over the past 3m

GME: Had a great run today, returning to its pre pullback price area. Has been a ridiculous stock in recent day, watching tomorrow morning for it to continue north or pullback

PBI: Performed great, remaining red until the second half of the day, where it took off, running heading into close, and continuing in after-hours. On watch for a continuation early morning

BIOL: Had a strong surge as it headed into close, closing out the day on a high note with big gains.Up nearly 300% over the past month, would like to see 2.00 in the upcoming days

CVLB: Had a big run throughout the day, holding its gains heading into close. Has amassed 140% over the past week with a beautiful chart over that time, 20.00 expected

NNDM: Briefly surpassed 3.00 in premarket before declining during market hours. Has still maintained a climb that’s put up nearly 275% over the past month, with much of that coming the past 2 weeks. Watching for another attempt to climb over 3.00

XONE: Had another steady uptrend today, adding to it’s more than 50% over the past week and 163% over the past month with a great chart over that time. At its 52 week high, expecting 30.00+ shortly

SOL: Had a modest rebound today after a recent pullback. On the radar for another attempt at surpassing 30.00, has plenty of momentum

CLXT: Has remained a consistent gainer over the past few weeks despite its relatively low volume. Surpassed and held over 10.00 today, setting a new 52 week high, watching for it to quietly continue north

AMC: Had a massive run in after-hours, with through the roof volume to go with it. Held it’s gains throughout and pushed higher, watching for a second GME to potentially take place

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