January 25, 2021

January 26th Watchlist

RCON: Spiked early morning, soaring over 3.50 before pulling back hard, although still finishing with a solid gain. Has doubled over the past month, would like to see another climb over 3.00 take place

OEG: Had a massive day, going as far as to near 9.00 before pulling back. Climbed back over 8.00 in AH, looking for it to build on its 437% gain over the past month

IZEA: Had a large surge today, as it continues the excellent run that’s seen it more than double over the past week and gain nearly 375% over the past month with a great chart over that time. Expecting it to continue north

GEVO: Climbed high today, reaching as high as 14.50 before pulling back, adding to its ridiculous 1130% gained over the past 3m. Set another new 52 week high today, expecting 15.00+ by midweek

TRCH: Performed great today, closing strong and climbing over 2.00 in after-hours. Has consistently put up gains, adding more than 50% over the past week and more than 600% over the past 3m, with a great chart. 2.50 next pt

NNDM: A long-term gainer that’s begun to really take off, gaining more than 50% over the past week and setting yet another new 52 week high. 20.00 pt in place for near future

CLNE: Set a new 52 week high today as it fully recovered from a recent pullback. Up more than 300% over the past 3m, expecting it’s long term run to continue, 15.00 pt

AQMS: Has set a new 52 week high near-daily, including today, flying past 6.00 in after-hours after already having a big day. Up more than 150% over the past month, expecting it to push higher

ZDGE: A long term slow moving gainer that’s accumulated nearly 250% over the past 3m, with a relatively steady chart over that time. Has plenty of momentum, expecting 10.00+ to be reached in the future

AMTX: Has a massive run today, climbing to 11.00 at one point before falling back below 10. Surged again in after-hours, on watch for that momentum to carry it to a second run

POLA: Has taken off over the past few weeks, gaining more than 400% over the past month, including 131% over the past week, with a great chart. Looking for another test of 30.00 in the near future

EH: Had a beautiful day, going as far as to test 100.00 before declining. Has amassed 122% over the past week and nearly 250% over the past month, expecting 100.00 to be tested again

OPTT: Soared early in the day, climbing over 7.00 before fizzling out the rest of the day. Has still more than doubled over the past week, on the radar this week

TELL: Has been a great stock recently, climbing over 4.00 today in AH, doubling in share value over the past week and nearly 200% over the past months time. Would like to see it continue to 5.00

OCX: Had another big climb, ending the day testing 6.00, and maintaining a beautiful chart that’s gained nearly 150% over the past month. At its 52 week high, on watch for 7.00+ this week

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