January 27, 2020

January 27th Watchlist

AHPI: Had a monster run on Friday, closing strong. Beginning the morning with a continuation of last weeks move, looking for a continuation today

LLIT: A traditionally low volume stock that absolutely soared last week, gaining over 300% on a steady uptrend. Surpassed 1.00, looking for it to hold over that mark and push higher during the week

NNVC: Another massive runner last week, starting the week poorly before skyrocketing the rest of the week. Has a chart that can maintain it’s uptrend, until at least 10.00, expecting that mark to be reached

CBLI: A low volumes stock that doubled in share value over the last month, pushing the stock far past it’s 1.00 threshold. Running hard in PM, look for a continuation this week

APT: Took off last week, gaining over 125% over that time. Soaring in PM, looking for a 8.00+ potential midweek pt.

MGEN,TNXP , TMSR: Gainers on watch for continuations

PIXY, AMBO , HJLI: Rebound Candidates
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