January 28, 2021

January 29th Watchlist

OCX: Had a strong climb throughout the day, closing out the day on a strong note. Expecting a return to 6.00 in the near future to retest it’s 52 week high.

RCON: Ran in strong volume as it recovers from yesterday’s large fall that effected the better part of the market. Briefly climbed over 2.50 today,looking for it to surpass that mark and continue north

MARA: Performed great today, Rebounding from it’s recent pullback and climbing back over 20.00 in afterhours. On the radar to continue a slow climb back to 28.00

RIOT: Steadily climbed with healthy volume, continuing that move in AH. Has the potential to continue back to 29.00+ by mid next week as the market recovers

GME: One of the Hottest stocks in history currently, flying due to manipulation. Ran again in afterhours, a day trade stock that could be played if another large pullback takes place

AMC: Another heavily manipulated stock that’s seen enormous volume to go along with a historic pump and dump. Fell hard today before spiking in After-hours, watching for another positive move tommorow

PED: Climbed to 3.50 on a massive run today before pulling back, putting up roughly 40x it’s average volume, as it’s pumped by individuals. Potential for a secondary run to take place

CVLB: Had a consistent Uptrend today, closing near 20.00 and reaching that mark in after-hours. Has more then doubled over the past weeks time, expecting it to continue north despite the wild mark currently

The market is being wildly manipulated currently, trade very carefully during this time.

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