January 4, 2023

January 2nd Watchlist

KAVL: Surged throughout the day, closed strong, and continued that move north in AH, ending the day on a high note. 2.00 in sight, could see it touch that tomorrow

IO: Put up large gains today with massive volume after it’s strong 3Q revenue for cast this morning. Could see a secondary run tomorrow

PROG: Had a phenomenal day, running throughout and closing strong, with enormous volume. Has the potential to maintain it’s long term run

BTU: Nearly touched 20.00 today again after a great surge north on strong volume. Has gained 1100% over the past year with a great chart, expecting it to continue north

AGRX: A penny stock that had a strong day, spiking midday before pulling back. Has suffered in recent days, could see .95+ again shortly

HUDI: Has been fantastic over the past week, gaining nearly 90% over the past week. Put up nearly 5x its average volume today, on the radar for a push north to 10.00 shortly

HX: Has been the most consistent gainer recently, doubling over the past week, and nearly 300% over the past month. Could see it continue to fly if it’s momentum holds

LTBR: Put up strong gains today, continuing it’s recent surge that’s had it amass 50% over the past week. Could see it’s under the radar run continue

CEIX: Had a great day, nearly setting a new 52 week high, and bringing it’s past month gains to nearly 50%. Has been an excellent long term gainer, putting up 768% over the past year. Expecting it to continue north

EDRY: A very low volume stock that had a great day, maintaining a consistent climb throughout the day. It’s 52 week high approaches, could see it’s under the radar uptrend continue this week

DNN: Had a strong run today, fully recovering from it’s mid September pullback and continuing on to a new 52 week high. Has been a great long term stock, would like to see it surpass 2.00 and push higher

ICD: Ran hard throughout the day, continuing it’s recent run that’s had it amass more then 50% over the past week, causing it to gain more then 100% over the past month with a great chart. Looking for it to push higher

NET: Performed well yet again, setting a new 52 week high and bringing it’s past year gains to over 200% with a solid chart. Had great momentum, could see 200.00 in the coming days

AEHR: Had another minor gain today, setting a new 52 week high and continuing it’s fantastic long term surge north. Expecting a continuation

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