January 4, 2023

January 3rd Watchlist

HX: Has been a fantastic stock recently, including gaining 350% over the past week, and a ridiculous 1000% over the past month. Its momentum continues to absolutely fly, expecting a continuation

PBT: Set another new 52 week high, accumulating 32% over the past week and 76% over the past 3m. Has the potential to continue to 10.00 in the coming days

ROCC: Bounced back nicely today, recovering from a recent pullback. Got close to its previous 52 week high set recently, on the radar for it to test that price shortly

CIDM: Maintaining its long term climb, amassing nearly 400% over the past year, including more than 100% over the past 3m. 3.00 in sight, could see it surge over that price shortly

CEI: Pushed higher today with solid gains, as it continues to attempt a recovery after its large pullback recently. Watching for a continuation north

REI: Has been excellent over the past year, putting up nearly 500% over that time, including modest gains today. Currently at its 52 week high, expecting it to trickle higher in the coming days

HUT: Set a new 52 week today, bringing its past 3 months gain to over 234% with an excellent chart. Up 1500% over the past year, would like to see 15.00+ in the near future

SESN: Started the day off very well, reaching 1.50 before growing stagnant and pulling back into close. Suffered a large pullback in August, could see the start of a recovery if 1.50 can be broken shortly

UEC: Soared yet again, reaching a new 52 week high as it tested 4.00. Continues to climb higher, with strong volume, 5.00 pt in place

HUDI: Our second favorite stock over the past few days besides HX, as it’s maintained a daily climb that’s caused it to double in value over the past week and 174% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, could see 13.50+ shortly

MGTX: Had 5x its average volume today, causing it to gain 60% over the past week. Climbed over 20.00, expecting it to push higher

HIVE: Up more than 40% over the past week with a solid chart over that time. Amassed more than 4x its average volume, on watch this week

CAN: Showing signs of rebounding over the past few days as it surges recently. Has room left to recovery, looking for 9.50+

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