January 3, 2021

January 4th Watchlist

BTBT: Had a massive end of week on Thursday, climbing fast midday and holding most of it’s gains heading into close. Put up more then 250% over the past week, looking for a continued uptrend

SGTX: Had a steady climb over Thursday, adding it’s past month gains to more then 160%, briefly climbing over 50.00. Has momentum, looking for it to push higher

CYCC: Had a modest gain, as it attempts to recover from a large pullback which halted it’s long term Uptrend. Needs to surpass 8.00 with volume to retest 10.00

NMCI: Had a small gain last week bringing it’s past month gains to more then 50% and past 3m gains to nearly 300%. Surpassed 4.00 on Thursday, would like to see it continue north this week

WBAI: Had a big week, nearly doubling in share value and bringing it’s past month gains to 234% with a great surge during that time. 10.00 in sight, looking for it to reach that mark early this week

CLSK: Has great volume to go along with its excellent run over the past month, where it’s added 166%. Testing 30.00, would like to see it push past that mark this week and climb higher

VTGN: Steadily climbed over the past week, putting up 40% and setting a new 52 week high. Currently negotiating 2.00, if it surpasses it with volume, a 2.65 pt will be in place

SBGX: Has maintained an Uptrend recently gaining more then 20% last week, nearly doubling over the past month, and gaining 237% over the past 3m, with a relatively steady climb over that time. If it holds above 6.00, expecting a sustained climb to 7.50 over the next few days

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