January 6, 2021

January 6th Premarket Gainers

ISR: Continues it’s climb in PM after yesterday’s FDA clearance for it’s MRI markers.

AIKI:Recieves $1 mil in up front licensing deal for Cancer therapeutic applications

GHSI: CEO announces he has 1 mil shares. Potential PR

TATT: Having a big run this morning after yesterday’s news of it’s strategic contract with honeywell

CHNG: Announces it’s to be acquired by United Healthcare for $25.75 mil

SNDL: Provides Update on strategic Investment this morning, causing a solid PM run

KERN: Moving on Dems win of the senate run off race

GNLN: Teams up with Last prisoner project to aid in justice reform, causing a climb this morning

TLRY,HEXO,ACB, Performing great after last night’s run off election results went Democrat

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