January 5, 2021

January 6th Watchlist

SOL: Had a big day early on, nearly reaching 16.00 and setting a new 52 week high. Pulled back below 15.00 to close out the day, but has still accumulated more then 150% over the past month and 611% over the past 3m. Expecting another attempt to pass 15.00 and push higher

ATOM: Ran hard throughout most of the day before it’s end of day pullback. Has more then doubled in share value over the past months time, and has momentum. Would like to see it retest 25.00 in the future

CHEK: Had a massive run early on, nearly reaching 3.00, on huge volume, before suffering a large pullback. Rebounded in after-hours, on the radar for it to spike over 2.00 shortly

NCTY: Had a large run midday, before leveling out, putting up many times its average volume over that time. Has more than doubled in share value over the past week. Briefly climbed to 10.00, looking for a return to that price point

ATOS: Had a consistent climb today, climbing and closing above 1.00, holding it’s gains during that time. Has momentum, watching for it to capitalize on its recent run by pushing to 1.50+

MARA: Had a big day, nearly reaching it’s 52 week high as it announces it’s working with DMB blockchain to plan a cooperative mining pool. Needs to surpass 15.00 to continue it’s climb north

RESN: Continued it’s recent run which has seen it put up 40% over the past week and 70% over the past month. Climbed over 4.00 before pulling back, expecting another attempt to climb and hold over that mark

AMRS: Had another strong climb today, closing above 8.00, setting a new 52 week high, and adding to its 168% gained over the past months time. Would like to see it’s momentum carry it to 9.50+ in the near future

RIOT: Had been an excellent performer in recent months, with today’s 11% accumulated adding to its 84% gained over the past month and more then 600% over the past 3m. 20.00 pt remains intact

CLNE: Steadily climbed today, holding it’s gains heading into close. Has put up nearly 250% over the past 3m and is at it’s highest point over that time. If it can surge past that 9.00 mark, expecting 10.00 to be reached swiftly

UUUU: Had a solid day, bringing it near the 4.50 wall that’s stopped it in recent days. Needs a surge of volume to potentially bring it past that price point and onto 5.00+

ISR: Had an excellent after-hours after announcing FDA clearance of it’s MRI markers, sending the penny stock flying over 1.50 and closing out the day extremely well. On watch early morning for a continuation of that run

NMTR: Had a very consistent climb throughout the day with a beautiful chart, performing well during the market day and into after-hours. On the radar for a continued surge tomorrow

CLSD: Maintained it’s recent Uptrend which has seen it gain more then 60% over the past week. Nearing it’s 52 week high, needs repeat of today’s volume to carry it past 4.00 and to a new year high

BNGO: Had a massive pullback today after unfavorable news+ an enormous past week run pushed the stock down during the day and into after-hours. Having massive volume, watching for a short term rebound to take place

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