January 6, 2021

January 7th Watchlist

MARA: Had yet another great surge today, Consistently climbing throughout the day and in after-hours. Up more then 200% over the past month and more then 750% over the past 3m. Expecting 20.00 to be reached shortly

AMRS: Continued it’s recent climb, setting a new 52 week high, ,today’s climb bringing its gains to 60% over the past week and nearly 200% over the past month. Would like to see it continue to 10.00

ISR: Ran in PM after solid news but declined fast afterwards, throughout the day and into after-hours. Watching for a Potential PM rebound short term, due to its excellent volume

UONE: Doubled in share value throughout the day, spiking heading towards end of day, with great volume. Fell in After-hours, looking for a short term early morning rebound to take place

NCTY: Had an excellent day, running throughout the day on massive volume, before continuing in after-hours, stopping just short of 20.00. Looking for a repeat of today’s volume to carry it past that mark and climb higher

ORTX: Had enormous volume today, leading to it’s large Uptrend today. Surpassed 7.00 in after-hours, looking for it to hold over that price point and continue north

CLSK: Had a great climb today that continued in after-hours, closing strong, holdings it’s gains. Up 200% over the past month, would like to see it continue to 40.00 shortly

VRAY: Had another climb today, continuing it’s recent run which has seen it put up over 80% over the past month. Set a new 52 week high today, expecting a continuation north

ATOM: Climbed again today, goes as far as testing 25.00 before pulling back. Up 50%+ over the past week and 125% over the past month, looking for 25.00 to be tested again shortly and potentially surpassed

AQMS: Had a very modest climb today, as it struggles with a 3.60 wall. Looking for a spike of volume to drive the stock past that wall and onto 4.00+

SOS: Performed well throughout the day before More then doubling in AH share value. Put up enormous volume compared to its normal averages, would like to see a continuation in tomorrow PM

XNET: Took off in after-hours, settling at 4.40. Watching early morning for a continuation of todays after-hours run.

HPK: A very low volume stock that’s quietly trickled north, putting up nearly 300% over the past month. Expecting it to retest 20.00 again in the near future

WBAI: Consistently uptrended throughout the day, climbing above 10.00 and continuing north. Set a new 52 week high, after climbing 102% over the past week and more then 328% over the past month. Would like to see it’s momentum carry it higher

SPWR: Had a great day, steadily climbing throughout the day being boosted by a blue senate incoming. Climbed over 30.00 in after-hours, looking for it to hold above that mark at open and continue north

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