December 27, 2020

January Swings and Uptrending Stocks


IZEA: Having a surge recently with strong volume, putting up 67% over the past week, and 126% over the past month. Briefly surpassed 2.00 on Friday before pulling back, looking for another attempt to surpass that mark and continue it’s climb

LCTX: Has gained a solid 225% over the past month, despite it’s somewhat lower volume. Set it’s 52 week high recently, looking for it to retest 2.00 in the near future

OTLK: Has steadily uptrended out of the penny stock area in recent weeks, putting up 140% over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high last week, watching for it to continue it’s consistent climb to 2.00


EQS: Performed well last week, putting up nearly 30%, adding to its 90% over the past month. Has very low volume, expecting it to continue quietly uptrending, as it’s currently at it’s 52 week high and has momentum

GTIM: Closed out the week on a high note, setting another new 52 week high and bringing it’s past mo the gains to over 70%. 3.00 in sight, expecting that mark to be reached this week


FLL: Has performed very well recently, gaining 30%+ over the past month and more then doubling in share value over the past 3m. Currently at it’s year high, as it tests 4.00, expecting it’s momentum to surpass that mark

GEVO: Has taken off recently, gaining more then 60% last week, adding to its 335% gained over the past 3m. Spiked over 4.00 on Thursday, setting a new 52 week high before pulling back, on watch for another attempt to surpass and hold over that price

NMCI: Had a modest week, giving up much of the gains it had accumulated early on. Has still put up 41% over the past month and nearly 300% over the past 3m on a great chart and low volume. At it’s 52 week high, expecting 4.00 in the very near future

NURO: Gained 30%+ last week, adding to its nearly 100% gained over the past month. Lacks large volume but maintains it’s momentum, expecting 4.00 to be reached shortly

OSS: Ended last week on a high note, bringing it’s past month gains to over 50%, setting a new 52 week high, and having 4x it’s average volume. On the radar for it to retest 4.00 early this week

SLGG: Had an excellent week, gaining nearly 60%. Needs to maintain Thursdays volume to continue it’s climb, looking for 3.75+


CLNY: Has steadily climbed the last 3 months, more then doubling in share value and pressing against 5.00, a wall that’s stood in it’s way for over a week. If it surpasses it with volume, expecting a continued climb.

UUUU: Gained a modest amount last week, bringing it’s past month gains to 117% and setting a new 52 week high on Friday as it continues to climb north. Looking for 4.50+


ACRS: Consistently climbed last week, gaining nearly 50%, adding to its 143% gained over the past month on a beautiful chart. Near it’s 52 week high, expecting 8.50+ in the upcoming days

AGS: Has gained 50% over the past month and nearly doubled in share value over the past 3m. Would like to see it fully recover to 10.00 in the upcoming weeks

AMRS: Has accumulated 124% over the past month, with a strong chart and volume. Pulled back slightly on Friday, on watch for it to rebound and continue north

CLNE: Had a strong week, putting up 75% over the past week and nearly 243% over the past 3m. 10.00 expected in the upcoming days, as it’s momentum Carries it.

ELYS: Had a large week, putting up more then 80%,adding to its massive more then 330% over the past month. Watching for it to continue soaring long term

GEVO: Accumulated 60% last week, including a strong run at the end of the week. Has put up more then 300% over the past 3m, with massive volume. Climbed over 4.00 on Thursday, expecting it to reach over that price shortly

NNDM: Has put up a massive 500% over the past 3m, on great volume and a series of news releases. Has the momentum to carry it over 10.00 in the upcoming days

OTIC: Has been a long term gainer, gaining 43% over the past month,and 150% over the past year, closing out last week a few cents shy of it’s 52 week high. Looking for 7.00+ soon

SGBX: Has gone up 52% over the past mo the and nearly 200% over the past 3m. At it’s highest point over the past half a year, expecting it’s momentum will carry it higher


STKL: Has been an excellent long term gainer, steadily gaining more then 300% over the past year, on moderate volume. Surpassed 10.00 and continues it’s climb past that mark, would like to see 12.50 in early Jan

AMPE,XXII,AXR,CYCC,DMAC, FLNT,MARA, ZDGE, I,NOD,RIOT: Stocks on watch to become good swings

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