January 6, 2020

January Swings and Uptrending stocks


CJJD(+52% past 3m): A slow moving stock that appears to be curling north after an extending downtrend. 2.00 approaching quickly, watching

FCEL(+517% past 3m): Has been an unstable and erratic stock, nevertheless it’s gained a massive amount in recent months after 2 surges over that time. Suffering a bit of pullback, needs to surpass 2.50 to continue north

MLSS(+271% past year): Experienced a sudden uptrend in the middle of last year, gaining nearly 300% since last June. 1.60 resistance looms, watching for a test of that mark in the future

NAVB(+44% past month): Maintained a steady climb during December, climbing over 1.00 and pushing past there. Sitting at a resistance point, expecting the uptrend to continue to 1.50 at minimum

RVP(+156% past year): A low volumed stock that is quietly uptrending over the second part of the year. Has a great chart for swing trading, expecting a continuation to 2.00


MTNB(+266% past 3m): Has maintained a beautiful chart over the past few months, setting new 52 week highs near daily. 3.00 pt in place as a short term target


ONCY(+765% past 3m): Had a news based run that has caused several massive spikes in recent months. Looking for signs of another spike, however not deeming this a long term hold.

VERU(+167% past year): Has surged recently, gaining, 20% over the past week and 61% over the past month. Has pushed higher, setting new 52 week highs nearly every week. 4.00 next pt. but expect it to climb higher


NAT(+74% past 3m): A higher volumed stock that has had a nice past few months. Negotiating it’s 5.00 wall, once it fully breaks past that mark, expect a run to 6.00+

SCOR(+139% past 3m): Has been a solid stock recently, but has stalled over the past month as it attempts to surpass 5.00. Setting alerts for a potential climb past that mark in the near future


CMRE(+62% past 3m): A slow but steady and consistent gainer, has more then doubled in share value over the past year, with a steady chart. Approaching 10.00, if broken, expecting a continuation of that move

IDN(+252% past year): A low volumed stock performing well over the past year, staying under the radar. Quietly approaching 10.00, expecting it to reach that mark in the upcoming months

ISEE(+645% past 3m): A monster gainer that’s soared after a series of excellent news. A top stock right now would like to see it continue to 10.00 by EOM.

MR(+110% past 3m): A stock with a nice chart over the past few months, a jagged pattern, made perfect for swing trading. Has had trouble surpassing 8.00, watching for it to surpass that point to continue north

SBGL(+244% past year): A larger volumed stock that has been a very consistent stock over the past 9-10 months. 12.50 pt in place, expecting it to reach that mark by mid-Feb.

STXS(+332% past year): A quiet, low volume stock, that has soared over the past year and a half, gaining roughly 1000% over that time period. Expecting a continuation, a large 10.00 pt in place

SVM(+150% over the past 6m): A stock with a jagged chart, and solid news recently. Would like to see a climb past 6.00 in the short term for it to remain a buy

MAXR(+130% past 3m): A stock with a solid future, recovering from a long term downtrend. 20.00 upcoming, on watch

FRO(+128% past year): A slow-moving consistent stock that sets new yearly highs each week. 15.00+ expected.

PRVB(+681% past year): A huge gainer that’s been driven north after a series of great news over the past 8 months. More then doubled in share value over the past 3 months alone, expecting a continuation

ODP,CLSD,HL,SGRY: Stocks on watch
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