January 7, 2019

January Uptrending Stocks ($1-15)

APPS(+56% past 3m): Continuing to slowly fill the gap, as it erased a large pullback recently. 2.50 remains our pt.

CRMD(+36% last week): Formerly a large gainer that had a large fall, crmd has spent the last few months working its way back to its former high. 2.25 a possibility shortly

LIQT(+216% past year): A formerly excellent performer, liqt hit a resistance point that’s lasted several months. Watch for another attempt to break 1.90 in the short term.

ALO,APPS,AXU,AZRX,CASM,LGCY,NBRV,PGLC, REFR,SGLB,SITO,TEUM: Stocks to watch with decent setups recently
HYRE(+85% past month): Consistent climber recently, as it reverses hard from its early fall. Expecting a continuation

AGEN,ARC: Stocks set up well to become a good swing
CIG(+88% pas year): Huge surge taking place since mid-September. Expect it to continue

FLNT(+77% past 3m): Currently filling the gap on a slow climb. Pt. 5.00 shortly

GFI(+52% past 3m): As gold stocks surge, this follows the trend. Expecting it to continue as gold climbs.

AUTO: Stock set up for an uptrend
INSG(+208% past Year): Excellent stock over the past year, reversing from a pullback and taking off from there, would like to see it return to its former level of 6.50 in the coming weeks and months.

SMTX(+141% past year): At its 5-year highs, smtx has reached unprecedented levels for this stock and the sky is truly the limit. Watch over 5

TIK: Stock to watch for a breakout
ADIL(+113% past month): Solid stock with plenty of surges and pullbacks, made perfect for swinging. Would like to see it continue

NTEC(+70% past 3m): Excellent long term hold stock, has had a great few months and is approaching its all time high of 9.00, watching over it

SIGA(+130% past year): A perfect long-term hold, strong company, and financials. Fast approaching its all-time high watch over, 8.25

ATXI,XBIT: Setting up for a potential swing
DXR(+77% past week): Excellent stocks, filling a nearly year-long gap, 14.00 short term pt, with room left to climb above that

BSBR(+223% past 5 years): Long-term gainer, averaging over 40% per year over the last 5 years. Expect it to continue.

PDEX(+400% past 5 years): A monster gainer, as it’s maintained a healthy uptrend for years. Currently on a small pullback, creating a great buying opurtunity

GOL(+87% past 3m): For a stock that was under .60 in 2016, this company has had an amazing turnaround, flying since then. Approaching its resistance of 14.50, watch for the longtime run to continue

SBS,LFVN,AU: Stocks set up for a swing in the future.

Focus on gold stocks, as all good seems to be having a nice run.
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