July 13, 2020

July 13th Watchlist

NIO: Soared last week due to a series of excellent news for the company, gaining 34% over that time and over 120% over the past month. Testing 15.00, if it breaks, will look to buy and hold for 20.

INSE: Ran on Friday, surpassing 3.00 and holding gains heading into cloze. Peforming well in Premarket, on watch today

BNED: A surprising climb on Friday, Barnes and Noble had a consistent
uptrend. On watch for the momentum to continue short term

QUMU: Has had a recent climb, that’s restarted itself on friday. Has gained 134% over the pAt month and 234% over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high, looking for it t9 push higher.

NEON: A mid level volume stock thats been quietly climbing for awhile, gaining 356% over the past 3m. Surpassed 10.00, looking for its uptrend to continue

CMCM: Had a large fall in mid june and is currently in the midst of a cup and handle pattern, rapidly Rebounding and regaining lost ground. Looking for it to retest 3.00

WIMI: Flew high on friday after announcing their AR+AI will create a new wave of 5g. Continued flying in afterhours and into Premarket, potential to continue that move today

ANY: A long term gainer that’s seen a gain of nearly 400% over the last 3m, ANY had another outstanding day, setting it up well to reach 4.00+ this week. Watching

LAZY: A low volume stock that had 10x its volume on friday. Ran into a 10.00 wall that was extremely firm, but the signs show it wants to break through. On the radar for a climb past 10.00

ALT: After strong covid 19 news, Alt has performed excellently in today’s Premarket, bringing it to over 200% gained over the past week. Watching it’s move at open

WTER: A stock that was on our watchlist last week nearly every day due to it’s nearly daily climb. Put up 42% last week, needs to surpass it’s resistance of 2.50 to continue to 3.00

NAK: Pulled back hard on friday due to increasing size of offering. Watching for a recovery rebound early this week, the stock had excellent momentum beforehand
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