July 13, 2020

July 14th Watchlist

INO: A long term gainer that was running hard for half a year before pulling back recently. Watching for it to retest 30.00 in the near future

VXRT: Had a steady climb today, holding it’s gains heading into close. Has gained over 600% over the past few weeks. Needs to hold over 12.00 tomorrow to continue it’s climb

NIO: Has doubled over the past month and over 400% over the past 3m. Had a pullback today, on watch tomorrow for it to retest 15.00

BOXL: Has more then doubled in share value over the past week. Had a excellent day, briefly looks to approach 2.00 before pulling back, on watch for it to approach it again.

ANY: One of the best performers over the past few months, gaining 125% over the past month and nearly 600% over the past 3m. Set a new 52 week high today with another great run, watching for it to reach 6.00 in the near future

HTBX: Has taken off recently, performing well today and bringing its past week gains to 55%. Set yet another 52 week high today as it surpasses 1.28, expecting a continuation

FTFT: Has been a near daily gainer in recent days, gaining 74% over the past week. Continues to have the volume and a low float, 3.00 on watch

NBY: Up 60% over the past month. Had 16x it’s normal volume, and performed well early on before falling throughout the day. Looking for a short term rebound tomorrow

LAZY: Had another climb today, continuing its steady uptrend. Has put up nearly 350% over the past 3m, looking for it to hold securely over 10.00 before continuing north

FUV: A previously excellent gainer that bled today, closing poorly. On watch for a reversal to take place, needs to find its bottom first.

ALT: Has had a great past 4 months, gaining 144% over the past week, 231% over the past month, and 388% over the past 3m. 30.00 large pt in place in the near future

AQB: A slow but steady gainer thats put up 122% over the past 3m. 4.00 approaches, expecting it to surpass that the next time it tests that mark.
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