July 15, 2020

July 15th Watchlist

NCNO: Began trading yesterday priced at $31 and immediately took off, rocketing towards $100 a share. Watching for a continuation today

CBLI: Ran yesterday due to covid 19 news, much like many other stocks on the market have done in recent months. Was unable to hold its gains heading into close and afterhours, on watch for a rebound over 3.00 for it to continue north

VXRT: Has nearly doubled in share value over the past month, and gained over 600% over the past month. Approaching 20.00 due to it’s momentum and tremendous volume, expecting that to be reached by close

FTFT: Continued it’s uptrend yesterday, steadily climbing throughout the day, surpassing 3.00. Has gained 60% over the past week, and 177% over the past month. Looking for 4.00 before eow

ICD: Had a consistent climb yesterday, ending it’s long term downtrend. Had a strong close, on watch for 4.00 today

BOXL: Had another big day, which has caused it’s Share price to double in the past month. Testing 2.00, if it surpasses it, expecting it to continue north

FUV: Had a decent run yesterday, rebounding from its recent pullback. On watch for this move to continue, this was a previously excellent stock.

VBIV: Had another surge today, bringing it to 107% gained over the past month. Has plenty of volume, expecting 5.00 in the near future

ALT: Has put up 77% over the past week, and nearly 800% over the past 3m. Testing 30.00, looking for it to surpass it today and continue its run

BWEN: Has gained over 200% over the past 3m, allowing it to cross over 5.00 yesterday. Expecting it to retest it’s previous resistance of 5.70, if its passed, looking for 6.00+
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