July 17, 2020

July 17th Watchlist


UAVS: Has had a great run in recent weeks, experiencing a near daily climb. Came within a few cents of our pt yesterday, on watch for it to continue north

BOXL: Has had a massive week, gaining 300% ocer that time. On watch for 5.00 to be reached before eod,it’s momentum is ridiculous with it trading more then 300 million shares each day.

HTBX: Has had great movement since the beginning of this month, more then doubling over that time. Ran further in afterhours, looking for 3.00+ short term

TCCO: Had a strong climb yesterday after an extended pullback. Looking for it to test it’s resistance of 4.50 again, if it breaks and holds over it, on the radar for a short term climb

HHT: Had a large run yesterday which continued into afterhours and closed strong. Has movement in premarket, and doubled in share value over the past week, looking for 2.00 to be reached in the near future

MVIS: A long term, explosive gainer, The stocks has put up 111% over the past month, and 800% over the past 3m, causing it to soar from penny stock status. On watch for a continuation

OGEN: Had another solid day yesterday, causing it to double in share value over the past month. Also has successfully climbed over 1.00, watching for it to hold over that mark and continue north

RVP: Has gained over 320% over the past 3m. Testing 10.00, if it surpasses it, expecting a push to the mid to late teens.

KIRK: Has taken off since mid May, flying to over 300% over the past 3m. Testing 4.00, if it breaks it, expecting 5.00+ next week

NAK: It’s chart shows signs of reversing, looking for it to test 2.00 again in the future
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