July 18, 2021

Mid July Swings and Uptrending Stocks

SNMP: Had a great week, steady climbing and gaining more than 50%, including a solid performance on Friday. Has amassed 90% over the past month, expecting its momentum to carry it higher

TGA: A long-term gainer that’s amassed 175% over the past year with a decent chart. Has hit adversity after climbing over 2.00 in late June, needs to hold over 1.50 to have a reversal

CCO: Has been a minor but predictable gainer over the past year, gaining more than 150% and steadily reaching higher highs and lows as it continues north. Currently pulling back, as per its chart, set up well for its next leg up

EQS: A lower volume stock that put up 35% last week, reaching a new 52 week high. Looking for its under the radar climb to continue long term

VERB: Has been a great mover lately, with last week’s more than 30% adding to its more than 130% put up over the past month. Pulled back to end the week, on the radar for a rebound


AEHR: Had massive volume on Friday, sending it to a new 52 week high. Watching early this week for another attempt to reach 4.00, and continue its move north

DTSS: Added nearly 70% last week, spiking over 6.00 at times before pulling back. Would like to see its recent run continue and bring it back to the 6.00 range it tested

EAST: A long-term, gainer with relatively low volume that’s added more than 100% over the past 3m on a strong chart. Set a new 52 week high early last week, as it negotiates that 4.00 wall, if it’s broken, expecting it to continue north

HNRG: A low volume stock that’s had a fantastic long term under the radar, with last week’s near 20% gained adding to its more than 400% added over the past year with a fantastic chart. Potential to continue its March north

DRTT: A very low volume stock that’s amassed more than 300% over the past year, consistently climbing over that time. Set a new 52 week high last week, looking for 5.0+ in the coming days

PFMT: Rebounding nicely from its previous pullback, completing the cup and handle pattern and bringing it back to its 5.00 wall. Needs a surge of volume to surpass that mark and maintain its uptrend

APEN: Up more than 400% with a great chart. Has hit resistance over the past few weeks, sending it into a but of a downtrend, looking for a reversal to take place and its previous momentum to carry it to the 9.00 52 week high set in Mid June

GSM: Has been one of the best gainers over the past year, adding more than 900% with a great chart over that time. Suffered last week, shedding 20%, after struggling for a while to surpass 6.25, needs to hold over 5.00 to be able to rebound this week

RCAT: Had a fantastic week, gaining more than 80% including a large run on Friday. Up nearly 150% over the past month, would like to see its recent momentum carry it higher this week


FWP: Added more than 30% last week, including setting another new 52 week high on Friday. Has very low volume but good recent momentum, 12.50+ next pt in place

BON: Had a strong week, gaining nearly 65% with a relatively consistent chart, and adding to its more than 200% put up since late June. Has great momentum, expecting a continuation north.

HMHC: Has gained nearly 500% over the past year, before hitting recent resistance after encountering 10.00. Needs more volume to finally push it over this mark, if that takes place, expecting a continuation of its move

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