June 30, 2020

July 1st Watchlist

WKHS: Had yet another run today, as the hype continues to cause the stock to surge. Briefly touched 20.00 before pulling back, looking for it to retest that mark later this week

HIMX: Steadily climbed throughout the day after news that they announced a new offering with artificial intelligence, created by Google. Looking for a surge past 4.25 for it to continue north

SHLO: Had a consistent uptrend, after news this morning. Created a beautiful staircase chart throughout the day, and continued into afterhours, going as far as briefly touching 2.00 before falling. On watch for it to break past 2.00 tomorrow

QUMU: Had a strong gain today, performing well and posting a strong close. 3.85-4.00 potentially in the near future

CPSH: Had more then 10x it’s average volume today, resulting in a large run. On the radar tomorrow for an early morning surge to take place

WWR: Ascended throughout the day, holding its gains heading into close. At it’s highest point over the last 3m, expecting a continued climb to 3.00 in the future

CPST: Steadily climbed, including heading into close, surpassing 3.00. Resistance at 3.10, looking for it to surpass that mark to continue north

AQMS: Rose in share price today after announcing it’s met Nasdaq Complaince Requirements for continued listing, causing a run early morning, stagnation throughout the day and briefly running heading into close. Up 225% over the past 3m, watching for it to continue past 1.50

VXRT: Performed well early morning before growing stagnant throughout the day, failing to hold over 9.00. Has still put up 230% over the past 3m, 10.00 is loom ing, on watch

LAZY: Consistently inched forward throughout the day and held its gains heading into close. Primed to reach 10.00 in the near future

POLA: Led all gainers today due to a no catalyst pump. Ran into a 5.00 wall that held it down the rest of the day, needs to have an early PM push past that resistance for it to continue north

SURF: Maintained a steady climb as it erased it’s recent Pullback from earlier this week. Interacting with it’s 6.50 resistance, looking tomorrow for a surge of volume (something that was lacking today) in order for it to continue to 7.00

OPK: Had a consistent amount of volume today that was reflected in it’s great chart, 30 million shares traded. Up nearly 40% over the past weeks time, and 143% over the past 3m. Had minor gains in AH, looking for 4.00 in the future

SKYS: A long term gainer that put up 76% over the past month and 238% over the past 3m. A rather low volumed stock, on watch for it to reach 5.00 shortly

NH: Had another climb today, bringing it’s past month gains to 73% and it’s 3m gains to nearly 200%. Negotiating 4.50, watching for a strong break of that price and a run to 5.00 in the near future, if the volume appears.

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