June 30, 2021

July 1st Watchlist

CUEN: Started off extremely well, running hard in premarket before steadily declining throughout the day. Finished the day up more than 120%, looking for a short term rebound tomorrow
BLIN: Had another great day, starting off the day continuing its recent uptrend before pulling back hard, shaving off 50% from its high. Potential reversal tomorrow
BRQS: Performed very well throughout the day, including surging north heading into close. Negotiating 1.50, looking for its uptrend to continue over that mark shortly
VTNR: Had a fantastic day, setting another new 52 week high, and bringing its past 3m gains to nearly 1000%. Has great momentum, expecting 15.00+ this week
WEI: Had enormous volume relative to its average. Soared for most of the day before reversing hard heading into close. Needs a repeat of today’s volume to be able to have another run and break out of its downtrend, watching.
YMM: Performed well, steadily climbing throughout the day and closing strong, reaching 20.00. On the radar for it to surpass its current 52 week high
CPOP: Climbed a ridiculous 400%+ today, with very good volume as it enters the market. Watching for a continuation of its run as it searches for proper valuation
XMTR: Had a phenomenal day, consistently climbing, nearly reaching 100.00 before pulling back heading into close. If its move north continues, would like to see another test of 100.00 before the end of the week
WTT: Maintaining its recent surge today, closing over 4.00 and bringing its past week gains over 60% and 140% over the past month. Watching for a continuation north this week
VTGN: A strong performer today, steadily climbing and closing strong. Currently at its 52 week high, on the radar for 3.50+ in the coming days.
BBQ: Had a fantastic day, setting another new 52 week high and closing at its HOD. Has amassed more than 500% over the past year, our long-term 20.00 pt approaches.
BGI: Took off in AH, leading all gainers after news that it’s reopened all Ontario Stores. Looking for the news to drive the share price higher tomorrow
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