July 19, 2021

July 20th Watchlist

PETZ: Had a solid day, starting strong, pulling back midday and surging into close, bringing its past week gains to 30%. At its highest point in months, on the radar this week
NRBO: Soared in AH, leading all gainers and holding its gains into close. Stopped at its 4.00 wall, would like to see it push higher in tomorrows open
PLXP: Spiked in AH on news that its Vazalore is to launch in over 8k Walgreens stores in August. Has amassed more than 50% over the past weeks time, and at its 52 week high, expecting 20.00+ shortly
AEHR: Performed very well during a poor market day, taking off in PM and maintaining its run into AH, finishing strong. Has put up more than 130% over the past week, looking for a potential continuation in tomorrow’s PM.
AHPI: Took off at open and maintained its run most of the day, going as far as to briefly test 10.00 before pulling back heading into AH. Held nicely above 7.00, watching early morning for signs of a rebound tomorrow.
ALF: Maintained a beautiful uptrend throughout the day, holding its gains heading into close. Tested 12.00 to finish the day out, would like to see that mark passed shortly
MTSL: Had a strong climb today, beginning shortly after open and continuing throughout the day, holding most of its gains heading into close. Bounced back nicely from its recent pullback last week, on watch for it to push higher
AEMD: Had an excellent day, running hard and closing near 5.00. Has suffered an extended downtrend in recent weeks, potential start of a reversal, watching.
CRTD: Pumped and dumped to start, remained relatively stagnant throughout the day before spiking again heading into close. Has lost a large amount of its share price over the past week, potential for a recovery to take place
BTX: Had a fantastic run throughout the day, maintaining its uptrend into close after completing the acquisition of Novellus. Looking for a continuation north this week
BON: Has gained 66% over the past week. Struggling to surpass 15.00, if that wall is broken, expecting it to fly further
VERB: Had a minor gain today, adding to its 37% gained over the past week and nearly 150% over the past month. Strong resistance at 3.00, looking for a surge past that mark for its uptrend to continue
DTSS: Put up a solid climb today, bringing its past month gains to nearly 80%. Looking for its momentum to push it higher
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