July 20, 2020

July 20th Watchlist

DPW: Is flying in premarket due to introducing a new line of electric car chargers, pushing the company further into the future. Watching today, expecting this news to cause a long term climb

IMRN: Having a strong uptrend in premarket after announcing it will conduct phase 2 trials in 2021 after guidance from the FDA. Looking for a continuation this morning

SALM: Ran hard on friday, stopping just short of surpassing 2.00, depsite trying multiple times. Watching today, if that price is passed, looking for its recovery to continue

AUTO: Steadily climbed on Friday,briefly surpassing 2.00 before settling back down. Needs more volume to pass 2.00, on the radarm

VCNX: Had another big day on friday, capping off an excellent week of 80% gained. Has more then doubled in share value over the past 2 weeks, looking for its run to continue

ALNA: Gained 70% last week, with more then .half of that coming on friday. Continues its uptrend in PM, looking for 3.00 this week

VBIV: A steady gainer that saw 76% gained last week, and more then 130% over the past month. Has a bright future, large long term pt of 9.50 in place

DVAX: Took off again after a brief consolidation period, causing it to easily pass 10.00. Set another new 52 week high on friday, looking for 15.00 in the future

NAK: Had a big premarket run, causing it to finally reach out 2.00 pt, which it is holding at. Watching for it to break, if it does, expect it to fly

THM:Had a strong climb on friday, retesting its resistance of 2.00. Watching for a run

LAZY: Had another climb on friday, erasing the pullback from a day prior and pushing it to within a few cents of its 52 week high, set a few days prior. Watching for a run past 11.00
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