July 21, 2021

July 22nd Watchlist

CEMI: Led all gainers today. running hard to start the day, testing 7.00 on two separate occasions before sliding into close. Had enormous volume to go along with its large gains, on the radar for a secondary spike
NURO: Continued its recent surge, flying at open, and nearly reaching 40.00 before settling down and declining into close. Up more than 550% over the past weeks time, on the radar for a continued surge this week
AEHR: Had a fantastic second half of the day, steadily running heading into close. Up 178% over the past weeks time, expecting its momentum to carry it higher
SAVA: Started the day off well, running nicely for the first half of the day and briefly testing 120.00, setting a new 52 week high. Up 265% over the past 3m, expecting a long term continuation north
VEEE: Had a fantastic day as it enters the market, maintaining a solid push north throughout the day, closing strong. Has great volume and hype around it, watching for 8.50+
DQ: Performed well the first half of the day, steadily pushing north and holding its gains heading into close. Has bounced back nicely after hitting 56.00 in late June, potential to continue higher
SNPX: Has a beautiful chart today, steadily continuing it’s uptrend throughout the day into after hours. Put up several times its average volume, would like to see it potentially test its 52 week high in the near future
AMEH: A long-term gainer that’s amassed 91% over the past week, adding to its more than 500% over the past year. Broke 100.00 today, setting a new 52 week high, on the radar this week
FWP: Maintained its long-term uptrend today, adding to its 66% gained over the past week and 120% over the past month. Reached 20.00 briefly, expecting another attempt to surpass that mark in the coming days.
NM: Bounced back nicely after an extended downtrend, that’s caused it to lose more than 1/3 of its share price over the past 3m. A previous excellent gainer would like to see today’s move start a recovery
BTU: Rebounded well today from its recent downtrend, erasing its pullback and bringing it within striking distance of its 52 week high again. Has gained nearly 200% over the past 3m, looking for it to continue north
SQBG: Spiked at the start of Ah, on news of an asset purchase agreement with Elan Polo International, Inc. The news was received well, on the radar for a continuation in PM.
EYES: Had an excellent day, surging heading into close and proceeding to fly in Ah, on news of European Patent supporting artificial vision. Has been hammered hard in recent months, looking for today’s move to potentially spark a reversal
CIDM: Has been great recently, with today’s solid gains bringing it to 45% amassed over the past weeks time. Would like to see it push higher and test its numerous upcoming resistance areas.
MRIN: Had a strong performance today, reaching as high as 12.00 before pulling back and pushing north again in AH. A previously excellent gainer, watching for its positive move north to potentially restart.
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