July 23, 2020

July 23rd Watchlist

MIST: Reported a $25 mil private placement as well as positive drug related news. Has already recorded 4.5 mil shares traded this morning, looking for a surge at ope

ENTX: Announced highly encouraging survey results. Testing 3.00 in premartket, if it surpasses it, expecting 3.50 in the near future

YVR: Performing very well in premartket, already recording 10x it’s normal volume. Watching for 2.75 today

MXC: Soared early yesterday before fizzing out throughout the day. Watching for a short term rebound today

USEG: Performed extremely well yesterday, reaching excellent heights. This morning, it climbed to over 15.00 at one point before falling heading towards open. Looking for another run this morning

SUNW: Has gained 100% over the past month, and nearly 250% over the past 3m. Climbed further in premarket, expecting 1.50+ today

FBRX: Consistently climbed yesterday, closing strong. Looking for a continuation today

RVP: A long term gainer, gaining nearly 300% over the past 3m, and 1336% over the past year. Expecting a long term continuation for this excellent stock

LAZY: Continues it’s March north, currently up over 430% over the past 3m. Has the potential to reach 15.00 within the upcoming weeks

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