July 25, 2021

July 26th Watchlist

ANVS: A fantastic long-term gainer since Feb., including amassing 450% over the past 3m. Performed well on Friday, expecting its momentum to carry it higher this week
LXU: Ended the week on a high note, setting a new 52 week high, after putting up 60% during the week. Would like to see its uptrend continue this week,
IMV: Had solid gains on Friday, before soaring in AH, after Wells Fargo’s $14 pt, far higher than its current SP. Looking for a continued push north to close the gap.
NAOV: Took off midday and continued its run into close, putting up massive gains. Continued in AH, pushing over 3.00 before pulling back. On the radar for a second surge north
NRXP: Continued its excellent surge on Friday, running hard into close, and bringing its past weeks gains to over 200%. Has fantastic momentum, expecting a potential continuation to 30.00+ this week
SCKT: Had massive volume compared to its 3m average. Flew in PM before sliding at open and throughout the rest of the day. Looking for a short term rebound to bring it back to 10.00
XBIO: Spiked at open, nearly running to 5.00 before declining hard the second half of the day. Still had strong gains, watching for a surge north over 3.00 again early this week
AACG: Had a great week, punctuated by a big run on Friday and a strong close. At it’ highest point in several weeks, looking for its momentum to carry it higher.
FWP: Maintained its momentum on Friday, pushing to within sight of its 52 week high again, set last week, and bringing its past month gains to over 150%. Has a great chart, expecting it to touch and potentially surpass 20.00 early this week
CLFD: Up more than 200% over the past year, with a relatively steady uptrend over that time. Recovered nicely from its pullback and expecting 45.00+ this week if momentum holds
AMEH: A long-term gainer that’s held a fantastic uptrend over the past few months, including 45% last week, and 317% over the past 3m. Expecting it to continue pushing higher long term
SPRT: Put up solid gains to end the week, bringing its past week gains to over 50%. Has rebounded excellently from its mid-May pullback. Momentum continues pushing it higher, on the radar for 7.00
NURO: Had a massive week, gaining more than 500% with several monster runs. Declined to end the week, falling nearly 50% from its 38.75 high, looking for a short term rebound
AEHR: Ran hard for much of last week, finishing up 75%. Set a new 52 week high before fizzling out to end the week, would like to see it restart its run with a big day early this week.
BODY: Amassed nearly 40% last week with decent volume, climbing back over 10.00. Looking for it to follow its chart back to its 12.50 pre-fall price, if its momentum continues.
SNAP: Soared on Friday, setting a new 52 week(and all-time) high, and bouncing back from its recent pullback. Put up excellent volume and continues north, 90.00 pt in place
EAST: Has maintained a great long-term climb, gaining 34% last week, adding to its 166% over the past 3m. Fully expecting its run to be maintained, would like to see 5.00+ easily this week
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