July 27, 2020

July 27th Watchlist

GNCA: More then doubled in share value last week, due to a series of news releases. Expecting it to continue to 5.00 soon, watching today

CMCL: Consistently climbed recently, gaining 40% last week and 80%over the past month. 30.00 approaches, expecting it to be reached soon.

AMPE: Up 33% last week and nearly 70% over the past month. Testing 1.00, if it breaks, expecting a long term climb, as many pharmas are doing during these times

CMBM: Has gained 80% over the past week, despite it’s relatively low volume. Expecting a continued surge this week, 15.00 potentially reached by eow

SCKT: Running hard in premarket after the company announced launch of it’s new Durasled. Shares are testing 4.00, if it climbs and holds over that at open, looking for a continued run

SOGO: Announced it will report it’s earnings on the 10th of next month, causing a surge in premarket. Has been a good performer in recent months, looking for a run up heading towards the 10th.

ANY: Rebounding from it’s recent pullback in premarket to climb back over 4.00. if it holds over it, expecting it to retest it’s 5.25 highs this week

DRD: Has continuously tested 17.00 for multiple weeks, has the potential to surge past that mark this week and continue to 20.00. Watching

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