July 1, 2020

July 2nd Watchlist


BCOM: An extremely low volume stock that has a solid early morning before growing stagnant the second part of the day, only trading a few hundred shares. Had gained more then 150% over the past 3m, watching for a test of it’s 52 week high, 2.73, in the future

WTER: Steadily climbed today and closed strong. Near it’s 1.70 resistance currently, expecting it to test that mark again shortly

NH: Put up a solid day today, steadily climbing and closing strong. Surpassed 5.00, watching for it to hold over that mark and continue north

VERI: Had a solid day today as it sets up to rebound from its recent pullback. Has testing 18.50 twice in recent day, watching for a third attempt shortly

WKHS: Had yet another run today, going as far as briefly testing 20.00 again. Has gained an enormous 673% over the past month, including 139% over the past week. On watch for it to break that mark

SUMR: Has gained over 300% over the past 3m, performing extremely well since early Feb. 10.00 in sight, watching for it to reach that soon

MYOS: Announced a merger with MedAvail today, causing the stock to run early on, and ending the day as the biggest gainer today. On the radar for tomorrow

MMLP: Enters restructuring support agreement, causing a steady surge throughout the day, which continued partially in AH, allowing it to surpass 2.00. Looking for it to hold over that mark and push higher temporarily

ATHE: Continued yesterday’s run in PM after back to back FDA approvals, however was stagnant throughout the day. Had roughly 40x it’s average volume today, looking for another PM climb tomorrow

VERO: Ran hard in afterhours after FDA clears its skin rejuvenation device. Potential tomorrow for a continued climb

IO: Announced in afterhours its sales were in line with expectations and that it’s cash profit was to be roughly 24 million, increasing their overall cash to over 40 million. Watching closely early morning for a continued climb

IDXG: Had a big climb in afterhours, sending it over 5.00 per share. Needs a flood of volume for it to continue to run.
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