July 30, 2020

July 30th Watchlist

RVP: Continues it’s March north, with a near daily gain taking place. 15.00 looks certain in the near future, expecting the momentum to continue to carry it,

NAK: Had a great rebound yesterday, after hitting it’s support of 1.50. looking for that move to continue back to its 2.00 price in the near future

ATOS: Had a low volume day that resulted in a very solid day, which continued in after-hours. Up nearly 100% over the past 3m. Looking for 5.00 by eow

ELA: Had a steady climb yesterday, beginning it’s cup and handle pattern as it recovers from a previous pullback. 5.00 is expected as it’s pt.

AWH: Performed well yesterday, despite very low volume, about 1/4 it’s average. Up over 200% over the past 3m, looks primed to return back to it’s previous 5.00 resistance

EDSA: Having a monster Premarket due to excellent news announced, watching at open for a run to take place

KNDI: Another great runner in Premarket that’s on the radar to repeat KODK’s success. Needs to surpass 20.00 to maintain it’s momentum

KODK: After 2 ridiculous days of running, it’s continuing that move in Premarket, watching for it to have a 3rd straight day of flying, as the hype continues to pump the stock

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