July 31, 2020

July 31st Watchlist

PRPO: Gained over 500% atone point yesterday, after news of a covid antibody test. Falling hard in Premarket, on watch for a rebound at open

EDSA: Climbed high yesterday after announcing it’s launch of a Covid 19 study in the US. Caused a massive run initially that quickly fizzled out due to the actual nature of the news. Looking for a quick spike today before a continued fall

ZN: Received drilling plan for approval of a well in Israel, resulting in it’s excellent run in Premarket, causing it to gain nearly 150% so far. On watch at open, has the potential to reach 1.00 today

APDN: Received FDA approval for EUA amendment increasing applied DNA Covid Diagnostic kit testing capacity.

ALT: Continues it’s run, up over 750% over the past 3m. Picking up steam currently in Premarket, expecting 30.00 in the very near future

VBIV: A previously excellent gainer, VBIV is recovering from a recent pullback, as it looks to recapture It’s previous uptrend. A large 6.00 pt in place. Watching

LPTH: A long term gainer that’s seen 467% gained over the past year. Continues to set new 52 week highs near daily, expecting 5.00 soon

PRTS: Up 63% over the past month, and over 320% over the past 3m. Expecting it’s climb to continue long term, $20 pt in place long term

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