July 5, 2021

July 6th Watchlist

OPTT: Performed well, taking off early morning and holding at 3.00 the rest of the day. Would like to see it hold at its 3.00 floor and continue north
BLIN: Had a phenomenal week, consistently running and amassing 315% over that time. Had a fantastic close to the week, finishing at its HOD, would like to see 10.00 early this week
IDT: A lower volume stock that had a great Friday, nearly reaching 50.00 before pulling back, and bringing its past year gains over 600%, with an excellent chart. Expecting another test of 50.00 this week
ODT: Took off in Afterhours, climbing and holding well over 4.00. Watching tomorrow in PM for it to potentially continue that positive move north
BNED: A great performer early on Friday, rebounding nicely from its recent pullback, before hitting a strong 8.50 wall that held it down most of the day. If that wall can be broken early on Monday, watching for its recovery to continue
ASAN: Set a new 52 week high on Friday with another solid uptrend, bringing its past month gains to more than 80%. Has great momentum, watching for 70.00+ early this week
ASTR: Had an excellent climb on Friday, putting up more than 10x its average volume and, finishing the week up 43%. Has great recent momentum, if its volume holds, expecting it to push higher this week
MOXC: Bounced back nicely last week from its pullback, bringing its past month gains to over 100% and past 3m to more than 320%. Has had fantastic momentum since Mid March, on the radar for 25.00+ shortly
ASPN: Amassed more than 40% last week, including setting a new 52 week high on Friday and bringing its past year gains to 442%. A low volume stock, expecting its long term uptrend to continue north
HUT: Ended the week on a high note, putting up modest gains and continuing north in AH. Put up nearly 50% last week with a consistent chart, would like to see it push higher this week
ANVS: Soared mid-May and has continued since then, gaining nearly 250%. Negotiating 100.00, if it can surpass that mark, expecting a continued run this week
NEGG: Had a great week, doubling in share value and having a strong climb on Friday before pulling back. Looking for it to retest and surpass 20.00 again if its momentum holds
CLSD: Bounced back on Friday from its previous minor pullback, bringing its past month gains over 100%. Within sight of its 52 week high set recently, expecting it to touch 6.00 in the near future
AUUD: Gained 77% over the past week and 213% over the past month. Has great momentum, if its volume holds, expecting 8.00+
MRIN: The stock on the market recently, amassing a ridiculous 456% last week with a near-daily climb over that time. Reached 25.00 on Friday before pulling back, expecting another attempt to surpass that mark
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