July 5, 2020

July 6th Watchlist

LMND: This online insurance company had it’s public offering Debut on Thursday and immediately rocketed throughout the day to finish 139% on the day. Watching for a secondary run on Monday.

GNUS: The stock ran on Thursday due to the company announcing it was to hold a conference call on Monday to discuss “A exciting business development”. Watching closely tomorrow for news

GRAF: Announced a merger deal on Thursday with Velodyne Lidar, causing a surge in it’s share price, surpassing 20.00 and closing strong. Watching on Monday

BYFC: Had a steady climb throughout Thursday, closing strong and continuing it’s uptrend in Afterhours. Looking for it to hold over 3.30 on Monday for it to continue north

SEED: Consistently climbed Thursday, although had trouble holding over 9.00.

MTBC: Had a strong Thursday, setting a new 52 week high as it Continues pushing higher. Near 10.00 currently, looking for it to surpass that mark early this week.

BCLI: Ended the week on a solid note, holding it’s modest gains into close. Has gained 176% over the past 3m, on the radar to retest 13.00 again this week

WKHS: Has been a massive gainer in recent weeks, gaining 135% last week and nearly 700% over the past month. Has continued to climb watching for it to hold over 20.00 in PM for it to continue pushing north

BLDP: A steady gainer that’s put up 139% over the past 3m and 330% over the past year. Set a new 52 week high on Thursday, also had a consistent 25% last week, setting a 20.00 pt.

VERI: A long term gainer that had a strong pullback last week. Bounced off 15.00 multiple times, looking for it to continue to 18.00+ as it attempts another climb over 18.50

FUV: One of the best stocks recently, FUV has continued to put up excellent numbers, gaining 500% over the past 3m, 182% over the past month and 63% over the past week. Had a beautiful day on Thursday, steadily climbing throughout the day, and into afterhours. Expecting a continuation this week

NIO: Had a great week, putting up 36% over that time. Gained more then 250% over the past 3m. Approaching 10.00, watching for it to surpass that mark this week.

NIU: Has performed excellent recently, has gained more then 70% over the past month and over 160% over the past 3m. Gained 17% last week, watching for it to reach 20.00 in the near future

BCOM: A low volumed stock that’s quietly creeped north, putting up 200% over the past 3m. Currently at it’s recent resistance of 2.50, watching for it to surge past that mark this week

AWH: Was one of the best gainers over the past few months. However ran into resistance at around 5.00, and fell afterwards. Looking for it to hold over 4.00 before retesting 5.00 in the near futur

SUMR: A low volumed stock thats quietly been an excellent performer, gaining 338% over the past 3m. 10.00 looms ahead, if it surpasses it, expecting it to go far into the teens.

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