July 6, 2021

July 7th Watchlist

BLIN: Maintained its recent long term run, taking off early morning and nearly reaching 15.00 before pulling back. Has amassed 375% over the past weeks time, expecting another attempt to surpass 15.00 in the near future

OSAT: Had a great first half of the day, flying during that time and even pushing briefly over 10.00 before its pullback, with excellent volume. Would like to see another test of 10.00 shortly

PFSW: A generally low volume stock that had a fantastic day, setting a new 52 week high, putting up roughly 20x its average volume, and holding its excellent gains heading into close. Watching for it to push higher this week

ATOS: Started the day off well, spiking at open before sliding throughout the day. Has had a large downtrend in recent days, looking for another attempt at a reversal this week

MMAT: Had a solid day early on, reaching 8.00 briefly before pulling back. Still watching for it to bounce back from its name change/reverse split, if 8.00 is surpassed, expecting a continuation north

BSQR: Performed great today, consistently climbing throughout the day, and closing relatively well, with massive volume. Its 8.00 resistance reached last week is approaching, looking for it to surpass that price

PBTS: Began its run early morning and maintained it throughout the day, reaching 3.60+ on its peak before pulling back, holding over 3.00. Needs a repeat performance of its strong volume spike to continue north

XELA: Had a phenomenal day, staying relatively stagnant before spiking and running in the final hours of the market day, sending it flying on large volume and continued into AH. Looking for its momentum to carry it over 3.00 and beyond tomorrow

CPOP: Continues to collapse, falling hard throughout the day and continuing in AH, reaching 26.00. Bounced back to 30.00 in AH, potentially signaling a bottom, on the radar for a short term spike in the near future

NEGG: Ran hard again today, nearly reaching 30.00 briefly, setting a new 52 week high and bringing its past week gains to 166%. Has fantastic momentum, looking for 30.00+

HUT: A modest gainer today, adding to its more than 40% gained over the past week. Continues to have strong volume relative to its average, would like to see it push higher this week

MRIN: Remains one of the best stocks on the market recently, soaring again early morning and maintaining a run that’s amassed a ridiculous 1400% over the past month, including 220% over the past week. 30.00 pt. In place, if its momentum holds

OPNT: Led all AH gainers, amassing nearly 60%, on Positive results from it’s Opioid-Overdose Nasal Spray Study. This news was received extremely well, watching tomorrow for a potential continuation.

DTST: Has a fantastic day, as it steadily uptrended, before flying in AH, ending the day over 10.00. A generally low volume stock, if it repeats today’s large volume, looking for it to continue its climb

BDR: Performed very well throughout the day, closing at its HOD and continued into AH on news of forgiveness of its PPP loan, finishing over 2.00. On the radar, for its positive momentum to carry it higher

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