July 6, 2020

July 7th Watchlist

WTER: Had another beautiful climb today, closing out the day with a strong push over 2.00. Has gained nearly 300% over the past 3m, looking for the climb to continue

NLS: A consistent gainer over the past few months that had another big day, putting it’s 3m gains over 300% and surpassing 10.00. On watch for a continuation this week

UMRX: Today’s biggest gainer after announcing the acquisition of KIQ. Held on to most of it’s massive gains throughout the day and in afterhours, watching tomorrow

WKHS: Had a big pullback today after over a week of climbing. Looking for a rebound tomorrow

FUV: An excellent gainer over the past 3m that had another solid day, which continued in afterhours. 10.00 pt is in place

SOLO: Aegis Capital gave the stock a buy rating, and a pt of 4.00 however the stock flew past that today, sending the stock flying to it’s highest point in a long while. Watching for a continuation

AQMS: Started the day off slowly before picking up steam and closing strong. 1.40 resistance is in sight, watching for it to test that mark in the near future

BDLP: Had another great day, which was capped off with a run heading into close. Watching for it to hold over 20.00 tomorrow to continue its uptrend.

NH: Remains a reliable option, putting up another solid day and bringing its month gains to over 100% and it’s yearly gains over 900%. Negotiated 6.00 briefly today, on watch for that to be tested again soon

BLNK: Had yet another huge day, bringing its past week gains to 166% and past month gains to nearly 300%.

NAK: A great stock that’s accumulated 328% over the past 3m. Surged again today, which included a solid afterhours run, 2.00 pt intact

NETE: Had a huge day, with a strong climb and holding its gains heading into close. On watch for another climb over 13.00 tomorrow

BLU: Fell off a cliff due to failed Midstage study on lead drug. Small rebound will take place in the coming days, watching for signs of it

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