July 7, 2020

July 8th Watchlist

VBIV: Had a steady climb during the market day, continuing it’s 3m run, where its accumulated more then 230% over that time. Put up another 20% in afterhours, looking for the stock to hold over 4.00

BWEN: Has been a relatively consistent gainer over the past 3m. Had a steady uptrend throughout the day, with a strong close and small continuation in afterhours. Looking for 5.00 tomorrow

THM: Has put up 65% over the past month and 416% over the past 3m. Had another big day, looking for it to hold over 2.00 and continue it’s surge

CRDF: Performed well today, stopping short of holding over its strong resistance of of 5.00. On the radar for tomorrow

ALT: Had a solid gain today, as it continues its 3m run, Where its gained nearly 300% over that time. Expecting this to remain a long term hold as it consistently creeps higher

SKYS: A near daily gainer thats put up 30% over the past week, 93% over the past month and 260% over the past 3m. Set another new 52 week high today, expecting a continuation

FUV: Had a strong reversal today, after pullback hard recently. Has over 500% over the past 3m, looking for it to retest 8.00 in the near future

NAK: Had a solid climb today, 2.00 pt remains intact

ELA: A long term gainer thats consistently climbed over the past year, recording over 300% during that time. 6.00+ is approaching in the near future

CRVS: Soared on positive Covid news this morning but slipped throughout the day. On watch tomorrow morning for a short term spike.

VSLR: A potential merger come to light today, with the potential to become the world’s leader in rooftop solar panels. Interacting with a strong 15.00 wall, looking for it surpass that mark

VXRT: Showed registration for over 6 million shares and a offering. Climbed today, performing well, and stopping short of 9.00. 10.00 pt in place

CTIC: Had 2 spikes during the day, followed by long periods of stagnation. Had over 10x its average volume, Would like to see this climb continue in the future.

SEED: Had a solid day today, surging over 10.00. Has put up 57% over the past week and 138% over the past month. Needs to hold over 10.00 to continue north tomorrow
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