July 8, 2020

July 9th Watchlist

ALT: Was relatively quiet throughout the day before surging heading into close due to the expectations of potential news. Briefly touched 20.00, watching for it to near that price again soon

WTER: Had yet another strong climb today, bringing it to 75% gained over the past week, with a great chart over that time. 3.00 pt in place, expecting its climb to continue

VBIV: Rebounded nicely today after a recent pullback. Has gained over 300% over the last 3m, looking for it to retest 4.50 in the future, the level it was at before it’s fall

PRTS: Had a big run today, which included a surge heading into close. Has put up nearly 500% over the past 3m, and has broken out of its consolidation area. Crossed 10.00 today, on watch

SUMR: This low volume stock had yet another big day, has remained a consistent climber, with more then 425% put up over the past 3m with a beautiful chart. Surpassed 10.00. Needs to hold over that mark to continue north

NH: A great stock in recent months, putting up 116% over the past month and 313% over the past 3m. Nearing 1,000% gained over the past year, expecting its excellent run to be maintained

CMCM: Suffered a big loss in mid June, due to a series of bad news followed by a large amount of lawsuits. Had a big rebound today, as it begins it’s recovery. May buy in tomorrow

FLDM: Steady uptrend today, holding its gains heading into the close. Looking for it to test 6.00

NK: Had a steady uptrend today, soaring towards a 15.00 wall that held it in check. Has gained 170% over the past month and 425% over the past 3m. On watch for a break of 15.00
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