June 28, 2020

July Swings/Uptrending Stocks ($1-15)


ALO: Performed well last week, gaining over 30% with a consistent climb, and nearly 120% over the past 3m. Currently at its 52 week high, looking for it to push higher in the coming weeks

AQMS: Performed well recently, gaining 163% over the past 3m. Fell slightly to end the week due to the awful market, looking for it to hold over 1.00 during the market pullback before continuing its climb

FRSX(95% past Month): One of the best gainers under 2.00 right now, the stock has gained over 200% in the past 3m. Continues to climb higher, potential 2.00 pt in place to be reached in the near future

NAK(+252% past 3m): A consistent climber that’s run into a strong 1.50 wall recently. Watching for it to surpass that mark, which will cause the stock to fly to 2.00+

THM(+258% past 3m): Had a strong run through April and May before running into a 1.50 wall at the start of June. Continues testing that mark, showing its willingness to continue its run, looking for any sign of it to break that resistance


BCOM(+180% past 3m): Maintained an excellent uptrend for multiple months, had a strong pullback last week, looking for it to retest 2.50 this week

VBIV(+241% last 3m): Has an excellent chart, as it maintains a steady climb north. Set another new 52 week high on Friday, looking for another run past 3.00 for it to continue pushing higher


ANY(+330% past 3m): Has had a strong run recently. Recovered from a recent pullback by climbing 30% on Friday, resulting in it surpassing its 3.00 resistance and setting a new 52 week high. Watching for a continuation

ATOS(+286% past 3m): Has a great chart full of predictable spikes, dips, and consolidation periods, as it maintains an uptrend. Expecting a short term consolidation at 4.00 before pushing past it in a rapid spike

BWEN(+178% past 3m): Has gained 74% over the past month, and nearly 200% over the past 3m. Fell slightly in the second half of the week, look for it to retest it’s 4.00 resistance

DLNG(+240% past 3m): Has taken off in recent months after many months of stagnation, due to solid ER reports.Has gained 150% over the past month, looking for it to reach 4.00 this week

NAVB(+390% past 3m): Has had a series of positive news related to trial results of its drugs, causing it to surge in recent months. Has ran directly into a 4.00 wall and has had trouble passing it. Watching for it to finally break that mark and continue north


AFMD(+187% past 3m): A strong gainer recently that’s gained over 50% over the past week and nearly 200% over the past 3m. Has had 2x-3x it’s average volume in recent weeks, expect 5.00 in the near future

ELA(+266% past year): An excellent long term gainer that has consistently added value nearly weekly over a year+ time. Currently at its 5 year high, testing 5.00, looking for this to continue being a secure long term hold

FUV(+264% past 3m): Has been an excellent runner over the past month, nearly doubling in value during that time. 4.50 is its resistance, look for it to add to it’s 92% gained over the past month

MEIP(+184% past 3m): Relatively steady gainer with strong indicators of a large run taking place if 4.40 is surpassed shortly. Watching

NH(+637% past year): One of our favorite stocks over the past year, as NH has had an excellent climb since last September. Fell heading into the weekend but still remains one of the best stocks to hope on for its ride north


AWH(+645% past 3m): One of the most promising stocks on the market right now, AWH has had an incredibly consistent climb since the beginning of the lockdowns in March, running from under 1.00 to over 5.00 during that time. Expecting 6.00+ this week

CPAH(+123% past 3m): A lower volumed stock with a consistent run taking place. Looking for it to run to its 52 week high of 6.00

CRDF(+417% past 3m): Has had a great few months, suddenly taking off after a rash of news. Has gained nearly 150% over the past month, looking for it to set another new 52 week high this week

DVAX(+174% past 3m): One of the many stocks working on a COVID vaccine with promising results so far, the stock has surged due to that, including 77% gained over the past month. Approaching 10.00, looking for that mark to be reached shortly

RVP(+787% past year): A consistently uptrending stock that’s performed very well over the past year and even better over the past 3m, where it’s gained nearly 450% during that time. Pulled back some last week, looking for a rebound and for it to resume its uptrend

SUMR(+1235% past year): A stock that took off at the beginning of the year and has yet to halt it’s run, gaining nearly 200% over the past 3 months and 55% over the past month. Resistance around the 7.60 range, watching for that mark to be reached early on this week

WKHS(+382% past 3m): Has been one of the best gainers recently, gaining nearly 275% over the past month and more than 100% last week alone. Negotiating 10.00, expecting it to fly past that mark this week


BCLI(+159% past 3m): A modest gainer that’s nearly doubled in share value over the past month and recorded far higher volume then it’s 3m average. Looking for it to continue uptrending towards 15.00 in the future

SPWH(+147% past 3m): Approaching 15.00+, and at/near its 52 week high. Expecting this stock to remain a solid buy in the near future

APPS(+170% past 3m): A long term stock that’s been a favorite of ours for over a year and a half, due to its predictable runs and pullbacks. Has doubled in share value over the past month due to recovering from a large pullback, expecting it to push higher


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